Odditorium Ripleys Believe It o Nots Bizarrerie

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Have you been looking for real fun or some experience that is extremely unforgettable to the senses? Have you been wanting to be amazed and be enthralled by real facts experienced by real people? Well, the perfect place for your search is Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. This amazing structure has several corners inside it that features different out of the ordinary entities, creations and creatures that is unbelievable to the eyes. For those who have not visited it, just be ready to be flabbergasted and tell yourself, Believe It Or Not, it’s Ripley’s!

Initiated by the very adventurous Robert Ripley, the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not mark had entertained 80 million people worldwide, was published in over 300 newspapers and the discoveries were translated into 17 languages- this only shows how interesting and uncanny the discoveries that Ripley and friends have found. It has built 27 museums and is definitely 90% unique from each other.

Orlando’s station for Ripley’s Believe It or Not houses more than a hundred exhibits. Some are explainable by history, some are explainable by science, and some are explainable by beliefs. As you roam around the place, you will realize that this place is one of the infamous sinkholes that Florida shelters. The museum in Orlando, Florida is named Odditorium (as what the place suggests- ODD) and extends up to 10,000 square feet containing all the weird and unusual relics and rare treasures Ripley has unearthed from different places worldwide.

The newly renovated museum, Orlando Odditorium, showcases dozens of new exhibits that would add up to your family’s and friends’ excitement. The list includes an actual human shrunken head, a portrait of singer Beyonce made entirely from candy, Ripley’s Legendary Fertility Statues, a Peel Trident car (smallest car production in the world), a dog sculpture made entirely of clothes pins, new optical illusions, word puzzles and brain teasers, a very rare fossil of T-Rex foot and lower leg, multiple miniatures that visitors can view through a magnifying glass, several new wax figures that visitors can take photos with, a 25-foor high mural of Jimi Hendrix made from more than 8,500 playing cards and many more!
Of course, the museum would like to cater all kinds of people that has interests to the extraordinary. Admission ticket price for adults is $17 and for children is $11. The museum also provides free parking for visitors.

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