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Numerous travel organizations now offer cruises to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, etc. Although the cruise industry is still developing, Mumbai can be reached with these cruises. Ferries from the ferry dock provide inexpensive access to the islands and beaches near the city and to the Elephanta Caves.

Trains reach Mumbai from all over India. The Central line serves for connectivity with South India, East India and parts of North India. The key stations are Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, CST [CSTM] (formerly Victoria Terminus, known only as VT), Dadar Terminus [DR] (for the Central Line) and [DDR] (for the Western Line), and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus [LTT] (formerly Kurla Terminus).The Western line connects to the western states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and some parts of northern India. The main terminals are Mumbai Central[BCT] and Bandra Terminus[BDTS].The Konkan Railway (which is a separately managed and newly constructed line) travels through the scenic Konkan coast of Maharastra and is a good way to travel from Goa and Mangalore, coastal areas to the south. For trains to other Indian cities, the main booking offices are at Churchgate, Mumbai Central and Bandra on the Western line and CST and Dadar on the Central line. There are ticket offices and special quotas for foreign tourists. For reservations and fares for train tickets to any part of India from Mumbai, visit the Indian Railways website . For unlimited travel in Mumbai you can use the local tourist ticket of [TURIST TICKET]Mumbai provided by the Indian Railways.The Maharajas Express is a luxury train that will take you to Delhi.


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Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is one of the most visited areas in India. It is not exclusively the financial and business center of the city of India, but is also a hotspot for travelers with a wealth of social and verifiable attractions.

Tourists with an upcoming excursion to Mumbai can discover valuable data that will help them plan their stay in India’s largest city, including travel and transportation options and the best places to visit.

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Land distances

In fact, a 15-minute subway ride will take you from one of the world’s largest and most densely populated slums to the world’s most expensive building: a 27-story behemoth valued at over a billion dollars.

Walking from the historic areas of Fort and Colaba to Marine Drive makes you feel like you’re going from Cambridge to Miami – sometimes, you don’t feel like you’re in Asia at all!  It’s a surreal and unexpected experience, especially after coming from a completely different city like Kolkata.

Mumbai is a favorite city in India and a place you would love to visit again and again.  If you are making that first trip to Mumbai, I hope this travel guide can help you plan your trip.

Applying for an e-visa to India is quick and easy.  Everything is done online and the e-visa is emailed to you a little over a day after you submit the application and make payment.

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the coastal capital of the state of Maharashtra in west-central India.  It is the financial and commercial capital of the country and its main port on the Arabian Sea.

Relive the story of two sets of twins that

Delhi may have the political power, but Mumbai has the glamour. India’s capital of finance, fashion and entertainment is fast-paced and frenetic, always bold, often brash, but never forgettable. A staggering 12.5 million people call this city home, from the Dhobi-Wallahs (laundry men) who clean the city’s sheets to millionaire financiers and Bollywood superstars.

Most of Mumbai’s attractions such as museums, old colonial buildings and the gateway to India can be found in the center of the city in the Colaba district. Marine Drive and Chowapatty Beach make a great walk and are popular for snacks from vendors and sunsets.

To escape a little further afield, don’t miss the Borivali (Sanjay Gandhi) National Park north of the airport and make the pilgrimage to Elephant Island, just off the coast of downtown Jetty.

Dhobi Ghats in MahalaxmiThe well known and much photographed open air laundry in central Mumbai is a tourist site, but it is one that most tourists get wrong. Typically tourists look over the Mahalaxmi station bridge and take some overhead shots of the clothes drying on the lines (as above!) and the washers (Dhobi’s) below doing their job. But the way to really get a feel for this is to walk up the stairs and go inside the Ghats.

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