Is it safe to travel south america

Travel through Latin America


But it is also one of the best destinations in the world for backpackers or any type of traveler. South America has a vibrant and interesting history, large and beautiful cities full of colonial architecture, a language that is relatively easy to learn, some of the most breathtaking natural scenery on earth, incredible wildlife and much more to offer the intrepid traveler.

One of the most appealing aspects for many is that South America is generally quite inexpensive to travel, meaning you can stretch your money much further and travel for much longer than other destinations.

Most travelers stick to the Andean backbone, traveling through the Spanish-speaking countries either north to south or south to north, which is what I would recommend to most. That way, you can concentrate on mastering one language rather than muddling through Portuguese, which makes for an easier path in terms of travel. Brazil is a huge area to explore on its own and is best saved for a stand-alone trip, if possible.

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Thinking of traveling this beautiful continent? Don’t start traveling through South America without reading these tips, recommendations and curious facts. They will be very helpful when planning your trip.

Not everything that the media tells us about South America is like that Not everything that comes out in the mass media is as they want to make it look. It is sad to see how there are so many -so many- people who stop traveling to South America because of the preconceptions generated by the information we receive, what is true is that you have to take more precautions than traveling in Europe, Asia or Oceania, so we recommend: Bon voyage!

Motorhome travel in Latin America

Scalpel. Hammer. No, you’re not going to operate on a knee, you’re going to Latin America! We know your family has been shaking their heads when they found out you’re going on a trip to South America because they may have heard that it’s not entirely safe to travel. We’re going to try to help you put her mind at ease. You can also drop the self-defense classes that you won’t need, at least on your trip!

In the accommodation it can be a great help to ask the staff and find out which areas are the least safe, but not the most dangerous, so you can avoid them. In addition, there are a number of mobile applications for traveling to South America that are sure to be of great help, blessed technology!

Two more things: don’t drink tap water! In some countries the water is not even drinkable, in others it is, but your body, not being used to it, may react to the difference. Also take into consideration that there are areas in South America at high altitudes and you can experience the so-called altitude sickness, nothing will happen to you and it is as simple as drinking plenty of water (bottled) and rest or go down from wherever you are.

South America by car

South America is a continent full of surprises with an incredible variety of landscapes to discover that will allow any traveler to immerse themselves in its enriching indigenous, Inca, Quechua or even Mayan culture.

Breathtaking waterfalls, colorful cities full of history, ruins, forests, lakes, beaches, and of course the Amazon rainforest, the nearly 18 million square kilometers that make up South America are home to a variety of places to visit.

If you are planning to travel to South America, we recommend that you take out travel insurance to be protected against any unforeseen event: medical expenses, luggage coverage, as well as coverage for trip extension in case of illness or repatriation, among others.

It is estimated that in Argentina alone, the cost of spending a day in the hospital can amount to about 700 €, while other more remote areas may involve very high prices in case of needing urgent assistance.

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