Is it safe to travel in central america

Sightseeing in Central America and the Caribbean


The number of Venezuelans crossing the Darien to North America has increased dramatically as several countries have imposed visa requirements that make it difficult for Venezuelans to travel by air to Mexico and Central America. Venezuelan nationals have surpassed Cubans and Haitians as the largest population crossing the Darien in 2022, and now account for more than a third of all migrants using this dangerous route. During days-long treks through the jungle, migrants of numerous nationalities suffer repeated robberies and serious abuses, including rape. They also face dangers caused by natural conditions, such as raging rivers and wild animals.

Many migrants who have taken this longer route reported being attacked by criminal gangs who robbed and threatened them. Between January and May, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provided medical and psychological assistance to 89 women of various nationalities who were sexually abused in the Darien Gap.

Central America Route

Traveling to South and Central America with a Universal Assistance Travel Insurance service guarantees the tourist a pleasant and peaceful stay. By contracting a good South and Central America Travel Insurance service, any mishap that may arise during your vacation will be solved in the best way.

In the south of the American continent, Argentina is a tourist destination par excellence. Argentina offers proposals for all tastes, not only in terms of landscapes, but also in terms of activities and types of tourism. Hiring a travel assistance service in Argentina is the easiest way to travel, since only this way you have the peace of mind you need to be able to travel around every corner without worrying about anything.

Located in the northeast of South America, Brazil is one of the most sought-after destinations for international tourism. Brazil has paradisiacal beaches and an extremely charming nature, as well as a very attractive culture. With a Brazil Travel Insurance service, you can experience all the attractions of this destination without any worries, making your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Central America

Central America in terms of countries and tourist attractions is very varied. If you want to travel to Central America, you will find some important tips below. Whether you are thinking of traveling to Panama, traveling to Guatemala or taking cheap tourism of any kind in Central America, these tips for tourists abroad will come in handy.

If this is your case and you want to go to many beaches, remember to bring a large towel, which weighs little and takes up little space. This way you will be able to sunbathe in peace and quiet. Also, since you have not taken too many beach clothes, take the opportunity to include your snorkeling equipment in your suitcase. A snorkel, goggles and fins will allow you to get to know the marine flora and fauna on those desert beaches where you cannot rent equipment from diving schools.

Another thing you can’t forget, regardless of whether or not you are going to do beach tourism, is sun protection. No matter how much you cover up, you will be in the sun. However, as you are going to need a lot of protection, it may not be worth bringing it from home with all the hassle of carrying liquids at the airport.  It will be better to buy it when you arrive. In any case, you will spend a lot of sunscreen there, so in case you have too much, the waste will not be significant.

Where to travel in Central America

1- Panama City (via Thibault Houspic): There is no doubt that the capital of Panama will leave you speechless with its impressive skyscrapers and vibrant pace of life. Besides touring the metropolis, be sure to visit the Casco Viejo, the ruins of Panama la Vieja, the Amador Causeway and the spectacular Panama Canal.

2- Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador (via Astrid Bautista): Located on the perimeters of the Santa Ana volcano, Lake Coatepeque has everything you need for ecotourism and water sports such as diving and water skiing. Its name means “Cerro de Culebras” in the Nahuatl language.

4- Granada, Nicaragua (via BORIS G): Located 45 minutes from Managua, Granada is the oldest city in all of Nicaragua (it was founded in 1524) and its main beauty lies in the colonial architecture of many of its buildings. Visitors use this city as a base to visit other tourist sites in the region.

5- Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (via Andrew Morrell): With its almost conical shape and more than 1,600 meters high, Arenal is considered by most travelers as an extraordinary spectacle of nature. It is in the nearby town of La Fortuna where you can appreciate this volcano in all its splendor.

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