Is it safe to travel in america

The United States is safe to live in


Also, because we are in such a turbulent time, in this article you will find information about traveling to the United States despite the coronavirus. Is it safe? How is vaccination progressing? Read on and find out all about safety in the U.S.

We always refer to the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a first approach when assessing the safety of a country. In the case of safety in the United States, the MAEC is not conclusive, but limits itself to making general recommendations and naming certain risky places you should avoid.

Another aspect that the ministry emphasizes for safe travel to the United States is health care. Although medical care conditions are excellent, it must be taken into account that health coverage is neither universal nor free. Since medical treatment is expensive, a large part of the American population takes out private health insurance.

For this reason, the MAEC literally says “the guarantee of unforeseen medical assistance requires the subscription of a temporary private medical insurance, making sure that the coverage contracted is as broad as possible. It is very advisable to find out about the medical insurance taken out prior to the start of the trip, as doctors or emergency services often carry out checks before attending to the patient”. In other words, to avoid astronomical bills in the event of having to be treated in a hospital in the United States, it is essential to take out good travel insurance such as IATI Estrella, which provides you with medical assistance coverage abroad of up to 1,000,000 euros and the security of being treated in your own language.

Mexico is dangerous

Thinking of traveling through this beautiful continent? Don’t start traveling through South America without reading these tips, recommendations and curious facts. They will be very helpful when planning your trip.

Not everything that the media tells us about South America is like that Not everything that comes out in the mass media is as they want to make it look. It is sad to see how there are so many -so many- people who stop traveling to South America because of the preconceptions generated by the information we receive, what is true is that you have to take more precautions than when traveling in Europe, Asia or Oceania, that is why we recommend: Bon voyage!

Dangers of traveling to the united states

In each article we show proposals of essential places to visit in America, plans to do in each place, car routes, weekend getaways, maps and hiking trails, tips on accommodation and bars and restaurants where to eat, among many other things.

As this is a blog of creative travels around Europe, America and the world, you will also find different and artistic proposals to inspire you. Sometimes these proposals will be interspersed within the articles, sometimes in dedicated articles, which are all gathered in the “Creative travel” section of the blog.

What is the best travel insurance for the united states?

There are also a number of mandatory requirements for people entering the country from Africa. These include: having a full vaccination schedule 14 days prior to arrival and a negative PCR test performed at the place of origin within 72 hours prior to entering the country.

To finalize the quarantine, travelers should have a PCR test performed 10 days after the sample was taken in the country of origin, with a negative result.

The Ministry of Health also recommended Paraguayan citizens to avoid traveling to these countries and any other country where the omicron variant has been detected until more information is available.

The Panamanian Minister of Health informed on Saturday that they will issue a resolution establishing the countries that already have community contagion and that if President Cortizo approves it, they would be classified as very high risk.

Lasso announced a series of measures to prevent the spread, including a ban on the entry of people coming from a list of African countries, either as their country of origin, or coming from a stopover or transit through those countries.

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