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Also, because we are in such a turbulent time, in this article you will find information about traveling to the United States despite the coronavirus. Is it safe? How is vaccination progressing? Read on and find out all about safety in the U.S.

We always refer to the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a first approach when assessing the safety of a country. In the case of safety in the United States, the MAEC is not conclusive, but limits itself to making general recommendations and naming certain risky places you should avoid.

Another aspect that the ministry emphasizes for safe travel to the United States is health care. Although medical care conditions are excellent, it must be taken into account that health coverage is neither universal nor free. Since medical treatment is expensive, a large part of the American population takes out private health insurance.

For this reason, the MAEC literally says “the guarantee of unforeseen medical assistance requires the subscription of a temporary private medical insurance, making sure that the coverage contracted is as broad as possible. It is very advisable to find out about the medical insurance taken out prior to the start of the trip, as doctors or emergency services often carry out checks before attending to the patient”. In other words, to avoid astronomical bills in the event of having to be treated in a hospital in the United States, it is essential to take out good travel insurance such as IATI Estrella, which provides you with medical assistance coverage abroad of up to 1,000,000 euros and the security of being treated in your own language.

What is the best travel insurance for the united states?

Thinking of touring this beautiful continent? Don’t start traveling through South America without reading these tips, recommendations and curious facts. They will be very helpful when planning your trip.

Not everything the media tells us about South America is like that Not everything that comes out in the mass media is as they want to make it look. It is sad to see how there are so many -so many- people who stop traveling to South America because of the preconceptions generated by the information we receive, what is true is that you have to take more precautions than when traveling in Europe, Asia or Oceania, so we recommend: Bon voyage!

Dangers of traveling to the united states

Scalpel. Hammer. You are not going to operate on a knee, you are going to Latin America! We know your family has been shaking their heads when they found out you’re going on a trip to South America because they may have heard that it’s not entirely safe to travel. We’re going to try to help you put her mind at ease. You can also drop the self-defense classes that you won’t need, at least on your trip!

In the accommodation it can be a great help to ask the staff and find out which areas are the least safe, but not the most dangerous, so you can avoid them. In addition, there are a number of mobile applications for traveling to South America that are sure to be of great help, blessed technology!

Two more things: don’t drink tap water! In some countries the water is not even drinkable, in others it is, but your body, not being used to it, may react to the difference. Also take into consideration that there are areas in South America at high altitudes and you can experience the so-called altitude sickness, nothing will happen to you and it is as simple as drinking plenty of water (bottled) and rest or go down from wherever you are.

The United States is a safe place

Hello, this article was not in the plans to be published during March but I really get a lot of questions about car insurance or motorhome to travel through the different countries of America so I put together an article with all the countries together so I have an armed response I could say that this is a post that comes out by decree of necessity and urgency as it was not on the list to vote.

What follows is my personal experience and that of many travelers with whom I keep in touch and are on the road, however something could change, if you have news let me know but I think it should be kept in time.

Car insurance SOAT to travel in the countries of America is almost mandatory in all countries. In Argentina I do not know how it is for those who come from other countries, here I ask for help to Peruvians or above who have traveled to Argentina.

I do not mention neighboring countries because they have valid insurance agreements. That is to say, if you have insurance in Argentina, it is valid to travel to countries like Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and vice versa, but the insurance of Argentina for example will not cover PERU and that is where we start.

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