Ireland to america travel

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Plugs, sockets, adapters and the rest of the information you need to travel from Ireland to the United States of America on this page. If you want a report with other countries, restart the wizard to find electrical adapters for your trip here.

Your Irish electrical devices are made to use 230 Volts, but the US grid provides 120 Volts, which is a substantial difference that requires you to take some additional steps in preparation for your trip:

On the positive side, nowadays many devices automatically adapt to the mains voltage and work perfectly, for example, cell phone chargers are often multi-voltage (but please check yours in particular). It is important to pay attention to the voltage of your device. By connecting the electronics to the wrong voltage, in the luckiest of cases, the device will break or temporarily stop working; but do not take this lightly in the worst case electrocution and fire are a real possibility.

Embassy of Ireland

You are an independent traveler and that’s why we can suggest you to visit Ireland by rental car. We have a lot of prefabricated routes, where we have included the most interesting so you won’t waste time searching here and there what to see in each place, where to stay or have an expert hand to help you in case of difficulties. Consult our vast database on fly and drive for Ireland.

As we have just mentioned, the weather in Ireland is very variable, so our recommendation is to dress in layers, be an onion! It is essential to bring waterproof shoes and a raincoat (if it is windy, an umbrella is not a good ally), and a backpack to store it when the sun is shining.

Many times our travelers ask us about the price of a trip to Ireland. Travel to Ireland is cheap compared to other European destinations. It is quite common for teenagers to go in summer, to study English, and you will see areas full of students going to learn languages. The cheapest trips with the best quality/price ratio, you have it here.

How much money do I need to travel to Ireland

When we talk about traveling to Ireland, Guinness beer, green meadows, dizzying cliffs, castles hidden in the mist and even the cute little leprechauns with the typical St. Patrick’s Day hat come to mind. A roadtrip in Ireland means all this and much more.

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Travel to spain from ireland

– Photographing the colored doors of Dublin: in 1861 Queen Victoria ordered the doors to be painted black after the death of Prince Albert, and the Irish in rebellion painted them in bright colors: reds, yellows, turquoises…

Today we will start touring Ireland by car. My advice is to rent it with this comparator in Dublin (it is the website I usually use in my trips); and don’t be afraid to drive on the left, you get used to it much sooner than you think.

The “Coastal Route” is one of the most scenic road trips in Europe. Starting from Belfast and up to Londonderry, it goes along the sea passing through very emblematic places, as well as through many locations of Game of Thrones (you can even take a tour of the sets).

Other places of interest along the coastal route to Derry are: Carrickfergus (a Norman-era castle), Ballygalley (in its castle-hotel they say a ghost dwells), Glenarm (the thing is still castles, this one has the oldest gardens in Ireland), Cushendum (in its caves on the beach was born the Shadow Baby of the Red Woman of Game of Thrones), Ballycastle (despite the name, in this case it is a picturesque fishing village) and Dunluce Castle, the castle at the end of the world.

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