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The idea of this section came up because you may be like us, that when you are looking for flights, you like to compare. Many times we look for opinions from other travelers when deciding. Especially when there is not much difference in price between one and another. Or if it is very, very cheap.

We flew with Air India direct from Madrid to New Delhi in about 9 hours. In addition they are flights that leave at 10 pm, so you save a night in a hotel and arrive rested to start the day.

The maximum weight allowed for check-in is 23 kg in economic class. If you do the route Madrid – Delhi you are allowed 2 pieces of 23KG each. For any questions you can consult the Air India website.

Air India airplanes are new and modern.  One thing that caught our attention is that the windows do not have curtains to go up and down, but they darken or lighten by pressing a button.

Although they tell you it doesn’t sting, it has quite an intense flavor. If you don’t tolerate spiciness at all, you can even say that it is very spicy. They also serve a mini salad and dessert with the main course.

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The Republic of India, as it is officially called, is one of the most striking countries in South Asia. This country full of a lot of contrast and culture is a point of interest for many tourists from all over the world. The reason is that this place has a lot to offer to its visitors, from a varied and delicious gastronomy to famous architectural structures.

There are many reasons why an Argentinean may decide to run to the airport and buy a plane ticket to India. But before doing so, let us tell you what you should do before entering into the adventure of getting to know such an attractive country.

The trip from the country of origin, Argentina, to the destination, India, requires a determined time of approximately 32 hours. This means that once you take off from Argentina it can take you two days to land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, capital of India. In some cases, such as those involving flights with more than one stopover, the landing time at the destination can take up to three days.


The city of Dubai is part of the 7 United Arab Emirates, being the capital of one of them. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the Persian Gulf, belonging to the Arabian Desert, in the Asian continent, one of the largest continents in the world.

Dubai is an earthly paradise full of luxury and extravagance that attracts tourists. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the closest neighbors of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is a city with a warm climate as expected from the desert, but surrounded by many eccentric plants such as palm trees, lilies and eucalyptus, among many others, as well as beautiful natural beaches.

Although the trip to Dubai from Latin America is a journey of many hours and represents a very marked cultural shock, more and more Latinos are interested in knowing this beautiful place that with the passing of the days is becoming more popular in the world and more accessible, the opportunities for Latin Americans to reach Dubai are becoming easier.

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Air India’s flight from New Delhi to San Francisco could become the first Indian airline to fly over the North Pole. This all started when the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, issued a circular asking if any Indian airline would be interested in flying over the North Pole and Air India showed interest. The advantage of flying over the North Pole is that it saves fuel and time. Currently, the route taken by the flight from New Delhi to San Francisco passes through Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Japan before crossing the Pacific Ocean to enter the United States of America. This route takes the flight 17 hours to reach its destination. The new route would save 90 minutes making the travel time 15.5 hours.

Available slots at the congested international airports of Mumbai and Delhi due to the closure of Jet Airways have opened up opportunities for India’s domestic airlines to increase their short to medium haul international routes. Tata Sons/Singapore Airlines-owned Vistara, budget carrier SpiceJet and IndiGo have begun aggressively entering foreign markets with Boeing and Airbus narrowbodies. “There is an imbalance in domestic versus international destination networks for carriers that have so far served the domestic market,” Center for Aviation (CAPA) India and Middle East CEO Kapil Kaul told AIN. “The opportunities for India’s international aviation are enormous, from business travel, visiting friends and relatives and tourism, both inbound and outbound.”

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