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Flight with stopover or connecting flight: step by step

Fortunately we have the advances of modernity and we can fly to India. If we had a direct flight it would take 16 hours and 54 minutes, however we have the option of connecting flights, which provide those benefits we have today. Setting foot from Colombia to India is a matter of taking the suitcases and start the adventure at the airport to travel like kings.

The return on the other hand is not very different and does not escape the norm, for example, a return flight with 3 stopovers would be (departure from India, New Delhi to Dubai we fly with “Air India Limited”, we would make the first stop in Dubai from where we depart to Beirut in Middle East Airlines seats, then from there we depart to Madrid and following with Middle East Airlines, we arrive in Colombia, from Madrid to Bogota in the comfort of Air Europa) will be ranging the 3,700.00 Colombian Pesos. However, a return of only 2 stopovers, departing from New Delhi airport to Madrid and from Madrid to Santiago de Cali.

The 4 requirements to enter the U.S. by plane at

Even the maps on the back of the seats don’t give you the full information: they would have to be updated in real time just to keep up with variable wind speeds and political disputes.

Official airline route maps first appeared in the 1920s, in the early days of commercial aviation. The goal was their use as a marketing tool, rather than geographic accuracy.

It was not until the passage of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 that U.S. airfares were no longer set by the federal government, setting the stage for greater competition and much lower prices.

Thus, to appeal to the higher income classes, early route maps were elaborately decorated, with an emphasis on cultivating the traveler’s spirit by presenting new and exotic places.

Without showing stopovers or explanations, they merely connected airports, with exaggerated straight lines between the airline’s home airports, better known as hubs, and its route network.

Land distances

Today, after breakfast we will depart for a city tour, starting with the Prince of Wales Museum with paintings and archaeological objects from the 18th and 19th century. We will continue through the Gateway of India towards the Suspended Gardens of Malabar Hill, where we will discover the famous Parsi Towers of Silence. We will make a panoramic tour of the various major streets of the city to contemplate the Victorian style architecture. At the end of the day we will return to our hotel.

After breakfast we will fly to Jodhpur. Upon arrival in the city we will have lunch and then drive to Jaisalmer, located in the heart of the Thar Desert. A truly amazing region for the colorful houses, the sunset and the colors of the sky make it considered one of the magical places of India. At the end of the day we will transfer to our hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the region of Jaisalmer, whose 12th century fort is one of the few that are still inhabited. It has houses, palaces and bazaars, whose facades are decorated with great works of art that look like authentic stone embroidery. We will see some “havelis”, old mansions created by wealthy influential people of the XVII century. After lunch we will leave for the desert dunes, where we will make a camel ride with a magnificent sunset that will leave us speechless. At the end of the day we will return to our hotel.

Connecting flight in Europe: step-by-step on a

Air India flight from New Delhi to San Francisco could become the first Indian airline to fly over the North Pole. This all started when the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, issued a circular asking if any Indian airline would be interested in flying over the North Pole and Air India showed interest. The advantage of flying over the North Pole is that it saves fuel and time. Currently, the route taken by the flight from New Delhi to San Francisco passes through Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Japan before crossing the Pacific Ocean to enter the United States of America. This route takes the flight 17 hours to reach its destination. The new route would save 90 minutes making the travel time 15.5 hours.

Available slots at the congested international airports of Mumbai and Delhi due to the closure of Jet Airways have opened up opportunities for India’s domestic airlines to increase their short to medium haul international routes. Tata Sons/Singapore Airlines-owned Vistara, budget carrier SpiceJet and IndiGo have begun aggressively entering foreign markets with Boeing and Airbus narrowbodies. “There is an imbalance in domestic versus international destination networks for carriers that have so far served the domestic market,” Center for Aviation (CAPA) India and Middle East CEO Kapil Kaul told AIN. “The opportunities for India’s international aviation are enormous, from business travel, visiting friends and relatives and tourism, both inbound and outbound.”

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