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The time has come to start preparing for that great trip to South America and, little by little, you are getting everything ready. You already have more or less clear what you will carry in your luggage, you have booked your plane tickets, you have planned your route and you have taken out your international travel insurance to be covered for any unforeseen eventuality. Now, it’s time to get up to date with vaccinations for traveling to South America. In this article we are going to tell you which are the most recommended for visiting the main countries in this part of the world.

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid Fever, Meningitis, Tetanus/Diphtheria, Rabies. Although not mandatory, Yellow Fever vaccination is highly recommended if you plan to visit areas such as Morona, Napo, Pastaza, Zamora or Orellana.

Japanese encephalitis: You can contract this disease through the bite of a mosquito, present in areas with rice fields and wetlands. The use of insect repellents is also highly recommended for prevention.

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* Malaria. We were going to spend four days in the jungle, so we had prescriptions for Malarone to be taken from the day before our arrival in Puerto Maldonado and seven days after leaving the jungle. We had already taken this malaria prophylaxis on other occasions, so we had no qualms about repeating the treatment.

* We were also told about hepatitis A and B, but we had already had all the corresponding vaccinations, so we were spared those jabs, as well as the tetanus booster shot.

* Be very careful what you eat or drink. It is almost always better to be safe than sorry, and the ingestion of certain foods can bring us certain disorders that will embitter our trip. There are four basic things to remember:

* And as it never hurts to be cautious, it may be advisable to take out travel insurance with good coverage that includes medical assistance, hospitalization or repatriation if necessary. Remember that if you have a private medical insurance such as Adeslas, Sanitas or similar, they include travel insurance.

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When planning a trip to South America, many factors must be taken into account: clothing, climate, stay, money, among many others. But there is an indispensable aspect in the preparation of your trip: the vaccinations and sanitary requirements of each country you will visit. In this article we will tell you which are the injections and medicines you should take into account when traveling through the countries of our continent.

The water in Chile is totally drinkable, although a period of white march is required to get used to it. In addition, it is advisable to be careful with the food we eat and where we eat it.

To travel to Argentina, it is also recommended to be immunized against Hepatitis B, if you have not had this disease. If you are visiting the province of Salta, it is advisable to be vaccinated against malaria or malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are found in this area.

If your destination is the jungle areas or the northern coast of this country, it is recommended to be immunized against yellow fever. In these areas you should be especially careful with dengue fever, malaria and Chagas disease. These diseases are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, so it is recommended to always have insect repellent and clothing that covers the body.

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When traveling to South America, among all the items to plan, is to find out about the vaccinations required to visit the countries of the continent. Some are mandatory and others are recommended, but you should pay close attention to this issue, because when you travel, your health is always at risk!

It is also important to know that the recommended vaccinations will always depend on each traveler: age, sex, health condition, medication taken, diseases, allergies. And keep in mind that most of the vaccines need approximately one month to fully immunize the traveler. That is why you should take care of this issue well in advance of your trip.

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