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Budget for traveling in South America by car


DiscoverAmerica is the perfect destination for group travelAmerica is one of the most complete destinations for organized group travel, from North America, through Central America and the Caribbean to South America, with a great variety of incredible landscapes, climates, interesting traditions and cultures to discover.

DELICIOUS GASTRONOMYAs a result of the fusion of many cultures, the gastronomy of the Americas is very varied and rich in flavors. A good Mexican hot chili, an American hamburger, a Peruvian ceviche…

Requirements for travel in South America

It will depend on the type of trip you want to make and the time you have available to visit South America. But for the tranquility of any traveler, in general, South America is a very cheap subcontinent and that adapts to the needs of any traveler’s pocket.

As a general rule, it is not necessary to apply for a visa to be able to travel to South America, but the first thing we have to consider is whether we need that visa. You will need to have a valid passport before visiting South America and depending on the South American country you travel to, you will need to be vaccinated.

When you enjoy a destination like South America, it is always better to share experiences with people with the same tastes and interests as you! Also, if you share the cost of the trip, you will be able to visit many more locations.

The history of the neighborhood of La Boca begins in 1536 with the arrival of Pedro de Mendoza to Buenos Aires. It is one of the most peculiar and colorful neighborhoods of the city. It was given this name because it is located at the mouth of the Riachuelo in the Rio de la Plata. It was built with wood and metal sheets with paint from the port area. It is undoubtedly one of the most charming neighborhoods in…

Traveling South America by car

+ June 19, 2012: Videoconference with National Geographic Store Madrid in the middle of an event about Colombia + June 10, 2012: Mention in Viajablog in their new section “Travel blogs in the backpack”.

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Will you join me in Greenland? NEW AUTHOR’S TRAVELA bay bursting with huge icebergs drifting after having shed the thick wall of a glacier. The blue tones of the ice play with the palette of colors imprinted by the light of a sun that for weeks will not set on the horizon. Sailing with the…

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The problem with all this is that it is not so easy… When you travel in countries that are not your own, although in some you will only need a passport, in others you will need a visa. It all depends on your nationality to have more or less ease of entry.

If you want to complete our list of places to see before you die in Latin America, it will be much easier if your country of residence is in Europe. In most of them, you will only be required to have a passport with more than 6 months of validity to be able to enter.

In countries like Ecuador and Bolivia, this visa allows you to stay there for a maximum of 90 days. Chile also has the same agreement with the European Union, so it will be easy to organize your W Trek in Torres del Paine or your trekking through the O Circuit.

In the case of Argentina, the permit will also be for 90 days, although it can be extended for 90 more days by requesting it at the consular office. Do you think this is enough time to see all of Patagonia Argentina and enjoy the mini trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier?

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