How to travel around america on a budget

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Do you want to visit your top countries without going bankrupt? To do so, you need two keys: good planning and financial discipline. It’s really not as difficult as it seems. If you want to have the best tips to achieve it, stay tuned to this article. In the next few minutes we will tell you how you can make the adventure of your life without money putting you in iron chains. Let’s get started!

Since the idea is to travel abroad, you’ll need to make the conversion to the currency of the country you’re going to visit. But when to do it? This decision depends on the volatility of the exchange rate of your local currency. A good option is to buy dollars or euros before traveling, as they are the most stable currencies in the world. However, be aware of which airlines and countries restrict the amount of cash you can carry.

If you can choose the dates for your vacations, avoid at all costs the high seasons. These correspond to the months of June and July, as well as the first half of August and December. In the other months, the chances of saving money increase and you avoid the hassle of being trapped in a sea of tourists.

How to travel without money

Lima: we arrived at 00:00 at night and went directly to the hostel. We stayed at Condor’s house, 1 night, in a shared room, and it cost us 48 soles (13 euros). Make your reservation now with your favorite: Booking / Agoda

We tried everything, and always bought the cheapest ticket we could find (except for night trips where we put our comfort first). We used night buses a lot and, depending on the inclination of your seat, they will cost you more or less soles.

Airport cab: we arrived at night and we still did not have the habit of taking a taxi. We paid from Lima airport to our hostel, 100 soles (28 euros). Surely it is cheaper during the day and if you bargain, idem.

Train Aguas calientes – Hidroeléctrica: a trip that we did walking, on the way back we had no choice but to pay for a train because we loved Machu Picchu too much and it was either that or miss the bus back to Cusco that we had already paid for. That, and I was starting to get sick. It cost us 190.4 soles (53.48 euros).

How to travel without money in mexico

Traveling by land: because the road is as important as the destinationThe backpacker travels by land more than anything else. Buses, rides, trains, boats… we even take bikes when backpacking! In addition to being more expensive, the airplane does not have the adventure and connection that the traveler is looking for. Flights are options when the stretch is very long, but the backpacker who has his free time prefers to arrive by land, and not by one but getting to know villages along the way. This is the most magical thing there is! This is one of the factors that makes it possible to backpack with little money.6.

Budget for travel in Latin America

Every time I meet someone and tell them that I am dedicated to travel, they tell me that they would like to do the same but a) they don’t have time, b) they don’t have money, c) they don’t feel like it. All three options are false, but in this post I will focus on b and try to show you that it is possible to travel with little budget (or none at all).

I discovered it when I started traveling: living on the move can be much cheaper than living fixed. I say “can be” because it all depends on what each person understands by “travel”. There are people (and I have heard this phrase a thousand times) who say that if they are going to travel they want to be as comfortable as at home or more. Perfect: in that case that person will spend more in two weeks of travel than he/she spends in six months in his/her city.

* Ask local people for references: they know where to eat well and cheaply. In certain parts of the world, such as Asia, the best (and cheapest) food is found in street stalls, so if you see local people congregating there, encourage them to eat there too. Find out the prices beforehand so you don’t get overcharged for being a foreigner.

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