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The “city that never sleeps” has become one of the favorite destinations for those looking for fun, culture and art, and if you are one of them, you will surely be interested in knowing how much it costs to travel to New York, and thus have the great opportunity to tour the Big Apple.

Finding lodging in New York at a good price is relatively easy; however, it is important that you compare prices and make your reservations in advance, as it will be the best way to save in this area.

If you want to stay in the heart of New York, you might consider the Hilton Times Square, a hotel located just three blocks from Times Square, four blocks from Grand Central and two blocks from Broadway. Prices start at 4,530 Mexican pesos per night.

To eat in the Big Apple, you will have a wide variety of options and prices, because if your budget is low, you can find excellent options if you decide to try the famous New York street food, which you will find in the food carts located in all the districts of New York.

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Yours is hopeless. You are one of those people who enjoy active tourism and are always ready to live a good adventure, wherever it may be. Traveling through deserts in 4×4, crossing Route 66 on a motorcycle or hiking through snow-capped peaks to enjoy a unique sunrise fill you with life. You can’t conceive a vacation without strong emotions,…

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There is a misconception that traveling is “very expensive”. The reality is that travel can be cheap or expensive depending on the expectations and tastes of each traveler. It will also depend on the country the traveler comes from. For example, a traveler who lives in the USA or Puerto Rico will most likely find other sister countries in Latin America very cheap, since the cost of living in the USA and Puerto Rico is very high.

The first thing to understand is that if you are a “Kardashian” traveler it is very unlikely that you will be able to fit your budget to $500 USD in one trip. However, if you are a backpacker this will be extremely easy to do.

One of the best destinations in the world. Mexico is a country rich in culture and gastronomy. Mexico City and downtown, as well as the Riviera Maya are destinations where you can get accommodations for up to $8 a night if they are hostels. Getting out of the extremely touristy areas will allow you to save money and experience the real Mexico.

Contrary to what is rumored, Cuba can be an extremely economical and spectacular destination. Things that will help you save money, take euros instead of dollars for the exchange. Stay in homes or “residents’ properties”, this will allow you to save up to 85% compared to hotels. Food in Cuba is very cheap if you choose the right area.

The best route for backpackers in europe

Since May 1, 2005, I have been backpacking the world to document the hospitality and daily life of the most unusual destinations through my chronicles. I write travel books to contribute to the nomad revolution.

What budget do we have to manage for a backpacking trip in Europe? How much will we have to spend on transportation and accommodation? Is it possible to eat in the street? Is it worth going to a campsite? If you are preparing a trip to Europe and you are already learning the multiplication table of 16, stay calm, prepare a mate and read this post with updated info fresh from the oven, sorry, from the road.

There are techniques that allow you to travel completely free in some European countries, especially in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Holland, etc, where it is possible to replace the cost of food by dumpster diving and table-diving. Although I do not practice them, I explain them below to give an introduction to those who might be interested in practicing this philosophy.

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