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Sharing exclusive benefits with your loved ones is a very special pleasure. And you can enjoy it by granting your loved ones additional cards without issuance, monthly account maintenance or renewal fees.

(1) Valid for sign-ups from 03/01/2021 to 09/30/2022. Applicable only to new customers who have no current products with the Bank during the 30 days prior to the product request. Bonus of 100% of the monthly maintenance fee during the first six months after the product registration. After this period, the value of the commission in force at that moment will be charged.

The conversion to installments may be made only by the Card Holder, and for the amount resulting from the total balance minus the minimum payment reported or for the purchases made in a single payment. Membership to the service may be requested up to the closing date of the current period. The installment will be included in full in the minimum payment, affecting the installment purchase limit. Valid for the consumption presented at the date of requesting the financing with availability in the limit of purchases in installments.

Can I use my credit card in another country

Since May 1, 2005, I have been backpacking the world to document the hospitality and daily life of the most unusual destinations through my chronicles. I write travel books to contribute to the nomadic revolution.

In addition, I want to delve into the subject of security and some tricks to keep in mind to reduce commissions when withdrawing from ATMs abroad. Some explanations may seem unnecessary, but if they are there, it’s because people are asking.

Carrying all our cash with us is a lousy idea. Stories of all kinds have come to me about trips cut short by robberies, people who had to turn back after losing their savings in a thousand ways, all because they hadn’t thought of a strategy for carrying money on a trip.

The basic recipe, beyond particular cases, is to deposit our savings in a savings account associated to a debit card, which allows us to withdraw money from ATMs in almost any country, as we need it. Thus, our resources become intangible, and therefore more secure, but at the same time they remain accessible. It is true that you can also lose your card, but let’s say that in general terms you are more protected.

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Suitcases, ready; plane tickets, ready; credit card, ready? Are you sure? If you are about to go abroad for business or pleasure you should be aware that most banks require you to notify them.

Today we will talk about an issue that some traveling cardholders have had to experience (by hook or by crook), and that many others continue to ignore: the foreign travel notice to banking institutions.

If you have not left the country for a long time and suddenly you travel and make a payment with your credit card abroad, it is possible that the issuing institution will block the plastic due to the abnormality of the situation; it makes some sense, don’t you think?

Some institutions no longer require this notice. Here is a list of the main banks in Mexico and what you should do regarding the use of your card abroad:

Cardholders of this bank will no longer need to notify the bank about their trips to use any of their plastics (credit and debit). However, we recommend you to keep your information updated for future clarifications (In Citibanamex and any other institution).

Bank of america from abroad

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