How to sell travel resorts of america membership

How to sell a vacation membership


The Benefits All Smart Diamond members will be eligible to earn ambassador bonuses.  Each quarter, a pool of travel credits worth 10% of net revenue will be available for Smart Diamond members to claim.

Smart Diamond membership also provides members with the opportunity to receive random travel discounts.  These drops are random travel awards, which can range from luxury hotels to airline tickets and even private retreats.

The Travel Tiger NFT, along with the 2500 AVA block, serve as the cardholder’s keys to activate Smart Diamond status.  The NFT can be bought and sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace after the initial sale which will take place on the website.  Royalties will be collected from all transactions on the Travel Tiger NFT secondary market, of which 50% will go to the Community Fund to finance AVA community-driven initiatives.

Vacation membership fraud

RCI, committed to being your strategic business partner, provides opportunities that will help you attract more prospects to your development and sales rooms. We work every day with the objective of strengthening our industry by cultivating a new generation of potential owners.

RCI’s value-add at the point of sale goes beyond the world-class exchange system. We also offer you a wide range of support products ranging from the introduction of remote sales tools and online member benefits platforms. RCI gives you all the tools you need to boost your sales force and be more effective in closing sales.

Trials is RCI’s program for prospects who walk into a sales room and do not agree to purchase a timeshare. Trials is a customized vacation trial program aimed at recovering marketing expenses, as well as providing a second chance to sell your membership to these prospects.

How to sell travel online

Service Cards differ from Credit Cards in that they offer you the financial flexibility of not having a pre-set spending limit, and they do not charge interest, as the balance is paid in full on a monthly basis.

If something should go wrong, we’ll take care of it. All American Express Cards have a Chip and PIN technology that puts all transactions through a security system to minimize the risk of fraud, whether you use your Card at home or on the go.

Our early detection system monitors for potentially fraudulent activity, and our Unrecognized Chargeback Protection means that, in the remote possibility of being a victim of fraud, when you’ve been responsible with your Card, you won’t have to be responsible for any costs associated with fraudulent activity.

Your foreign spending is converted to local currency as soon as we process the transaction, based on the exchange rate that American Express sets daily. If your transaction is in USD, the amount will be converted directly to local currency. If it is in any other currency, it will be converted to USD and then to local currency.

Vender paquetes turísticos desde casa

Dé un vistazo a nuestra innovadora membresía de Club Vacacional y experimente la exclusividad de nuestro servicio de Concierge de lujo. Beyond Experience combina negocios y ocio creando viajes personalizados para todos nuestros socios.

En Beyond Experience, desarrollamos nuestra propia tecnología enfocada a aumentar el valor de su Club Vacacional o Resort, enriqueciendo sus servicios para satisfacer las necesidades de sus clientes.

En cumplimiento a lo establecido en la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares vigente (en adelante la “Ley”), la empresa denominada La Mejor y Más Grande Experiencia, S. de R.L. de C.V., pone a su disposición el siguiente Aviso de Privacidad, con el objeto de que conozca las políticas implementadas para proteger y salvaguardar sus datos personales.

En nuestra Empresa, valoramos profundamente la confianza que usted deposita en nosotros al contratar nuestros productos y servicios, por lo que nos comprometemos a brindarle un servicio de excelencia. Pero además, consideramos de suma importancia garantizar la seguridad y confidencialidad de la información personal que usted nos proporciona.

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