How to buy a car in america when travelling

Bringing my car to Spain


Importing a vehicle from outside the EU is complicated, so we advise you to get information from the State Tax Agency about the steps to be taken for the import and the payments to be made at customs before doing so.

In addition, the vehicle to be imported must comply with the European homologation certifications in force, requiring adaptations and additional procedures for its registration if the vehicle does not comply with the Euro VI standard (or Euro V for mixed or commercial vehicles) or does not have a European Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

If you have bought the vehicle to bring it to our country, at the time of acquiring the vehicle you must keep a document that proves the ownership of the vehicle. You must have a copy of the sales contract signed by both parties or an invoice from the dealer where you purchased your vehicle, as well as the original documentation of the vehicle.

Until your vehicle is registered in our country you will not be able to drive it. Because of all that it entails, the process may take longer. For these cases it is thought that you can request the temporary registration of your vehicle.

How much tax do you pay to bring a car from the USA?

Prior to the arrival of the car, we have to register it in the register of the municipality where we live, because in order to receive it we will have to present this document together with the original invoice, the document to pick it up and our ID card.

Once the car is in our hands, before registering it and to obtain the technical inspection card of the ITV, we must contact a company dedicated to homologate North American models to European specifications. Modifications can range from engine tuning, emissions regulation, adaptation to local fuel and gearbox scaling, to parts such as lights, headlights and headlight washers.

It is important to note that the speedometer, on-board computer and climate control use American measurements, such as miles per hour, miles per gallon or degrees Fahrenheit. Some cars allow this to be modified from the infotainment system; in others, it will be necessary to go to a garage. Also, the radio frequencies may be different from the European ones, which means replacing the system or living with the wrong radio tuning.

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Planning a trip to the United States, Guatemala or Belize in your car? Know what are the requirements and basic documentation to cross the borders of these neighboring countries of Mexico, without having problems and inconveniences during the process.

In case of traveling to non-border areas, verify the requirements and laws to drive in that state, since some require an international driving permit, which is a document issued by agencies affiliated to the International Automobile Federation (FIA). In Mexico, it is issued by the National Automobile Association (ANA), the Mexican Automobile Association (AMA) and the Mexican Organization of International Motor Sports (OMDAI).

Importing cars to Spain

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