How much money do you need to travel south america

Budget for motorcycle travel in South America

In this article I will share with you my tips for backpacking in South America alone – or with friends – so that you can plan your first trip in the simplest way possible and be the basis for many other trips that will surely come later.Before you start, you don’t need to have defined what you are going to do day by day before leaving on your trip, but you should have a general idea of what destinations you want to visit. This will allow you to organize a logical route and not waste your time and money in traveling from one end of a country to the other several times.  As you may have already seen in the map, South America is a huge continent, and in terms of logistics it is nothing like traveling in Europe, so my advice is to write down all the places you are interested in, dividing them by country. Then you can place them on the map to make a meaningful tour depending on the time you have available. Remember that less is more, and that wanting to cover everything will lead you to know nothing in depth. 1. Traveling in South America: Luggage

Budget for traveling in South America by car

Argentina is among the top destinations in South America and it is not for less: this nation is characterized for having very varied natural environments, in addition to a gastronomy ranked among the best in the world. Therefore, we invite you to find out how much it costs to travel to Argentina from Mexico and the budget you need to get to know this country.

Buenos Aires: the capital of Argentina is a cosmopolitan city where you can find and do everything. It has cafes, bars, museums, squares, parks and everything the tourist is looking for a fascinating trip.

Plaza de Mayo: Excellent place to learn about the history of the Argentine capital. Here you will find historical buildings such as Cabildo Histórico, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Banco Nación or the famous Casa Rosada, which are a must-see.

Pasaje Caminito: Do you want to know the true essence of tango? Then you have to visit this alley located in La Boca neighborhood of colorful houses and bohemian atmosphere. It is also a perfect place to take pictures.

How much money do I need to travel in Latin America?

How much money do I need to backpack in South America? Is transportation very expensive? Is it possible to camp? How do I travel so cheaply? These and many other questions are the most frequently asked when planning a trip for the first time.

There are as many answers as there are travelers. In this kind of guide I will try to share the keys that made Juan and me be able to travel for 18 months with U$D 7 per day between the two of us. The more gas-guzzling/scratchy/broken version of me (and not for that reason unhappy, much less dirty) is about to be revealed.

So if you’re thinking of taking a trip and don’t have a lot of money, put the water for tea (I don’t drink mate), bring your notebook, and stay put. Coming soon is a guide on how to put together a backpacking budget for traveling in South America.

Normally, and regardless of the type of trip, the budget is divided into three basic elements: transportation, food and lodging. The first part (except within cities) is solved by hitchhiking. Even in countries like Bolivia, where buses are very cheap, we choose to extend the thumb: we do not do it only for economic reasons.

Travel through South America from Colombia

In order to enter Argentina you need to have a valid passport and the maximum period of stay in the country is up to 90 days. Simple, isn’t it? But if you are going to enter Argentina, and you come from countries where cholera and yellow fever are endemic diseases, you will have to present a vaccination certificate against these diseases.

And if you want to go to a carnival in Brazil, and you are Mexican, you only have to present your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and a photocopy of your round-trip tickets. The yellow fever vaccination certificate is not mandatory here, but it is recommended, since in rainy season cases are more frequent.

On the other hand, you also need proof of sufficient financial means to support yourself in the country. The minimum amount is 170 reais per day, which is equivalent to 999 Mexican pesos!

And continuing with the list, we have to talk about Guyana, and as they say “This is where the sow twisted the tail” because to enter this country having Mexican nationality, you need a visa, which you can get arriving at Georgetown International Airport, and also the passport; in addition, you have to pay approximately 20 usd to have the right to use the airport (DUA) It’s quite a mess!

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