How long to travel central america

How to travel through Central America


Not only for its beauty and colorful streets, unquestionable, but also for its colonial history, its day and night atmosphere, its security, very important, and its surroundings, such as the Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes.

Although geographically Mexico belongs to North America, many people place it in Central America (some even South America…), that’s why I wanted to include as an extra something special of this wonderful country: its cenotes!

I’m talking for example about the natural pools Semuc Champey and the Candelaria Caves in Guatemala, the beautiful Granada and the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, the spectacular Pulhapanzak Falls and the Yojoa Lake in Honduras or some of the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Rica.

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Backpacking in Central America

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Check out this article where we talked about the best travel apps. Here you will find translators, interactive maps and many tools to make your route through Central America a real pleasure. The more you plan, the less you will have to improvise once there.

Es peligroso viajar por Centroamérica

Guadalupe Araoz es una economista que decidió cambiar su vida. A los 30 años, en 2013, comenzó a viajar a tiempo completo como narradora. Principalmente en moto pero también en bicicleta y otros transportes, recorrió 4 continentes escribiendo para revistas y como influencer. Es autora del libro “Africaneando” y del blog de viajes

¡Muchas gracias Guada por el artículo tan completo y bien contado desde distintos puntos de vista y estilos de viaje, me llevo un montón de anotaciones extra en mi libreta de ruta! Saludos desde Paraguay

Central American Route

We drove the three Americas from south to north, so we started to discover and explore Central America in Panama. If you are interested in how we sent the van in a container from Colombia to Panama without a port agent click HERE and if you are interested in the border crossing guide keep reading.

The first step is to go to Panama Immigration to get our passport stamped with the exit of Panama, and then go to the customs building or booth to deliver the Temporary Vehicle Import permit, once this is done we can cross the bridge to Costa Rica and go to the immigration window to enter the country and get our passport stamped. To process the car papers you must go to the customs window next to immigration, but first you must have the following documents ready: With all these documents the customs agents will give you the certificate of Temporary Importation of Vehicles with a duration of 3 months.

The Costa Rican customs building is on the left hand side on the same road, it is blue. Present the Temporary Vehicle Import Certificate, a photocopy of it and your passport at the window. If you do not have a photocopy of your Temporary Vehicle Import Certificate, you can make it there. Drive a little more until you get to the Immigration building, where the first thing you have to do is pay the Costa Rican exit tax, it is 8 US dollars per person and the payment is made in an office located in the same place. (There is a machine where you can make this payment with your credit or debit card and it is cheaper, when we were there it was out of service …)Then, go to the immigration window with your passport and exit tax payment flyer to get your passport stamped.It is time to cross to NicaraguaEntering Nicaragua with the vehicle there are several agents who ask you for your passports to check them, and a few meters later an employee fumigates the van for you.

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