How did the chinese travel to america

Who discovered America, the Chinese or Christopher Columbus?


Chinese technology and money helped build one of Latin America’s largest solar power plants in Jujuy, where hundreds of thousands of panels are spread over the desert like giant dominoes. Chinese security cameras guard government buildings in the provincial capital. Servers hum in a Chinese data storage plant. Beneath remote rugged hills and vast salt lakes lie veins of copper, lithium and zinc, the raw materials of 21st century technology, including Chinese-made electric car batteries.

Juan Gonzalez, senior director for the Western Hemisphere at the U.S. National Security Council, asserts that China is seeking to expand its national security footprint. “Part of our commitment is to ensure that governments make the right decisions for their own security and development,” he said.

Cynthia Arnson, director of the Latin American program at the Wilson Center in Washington, says that kind of concern won’t discourage local governments. “We must provide some alternative,” she says. “Dollar for dollar, the U.S. will never be able to match the deep pockets of Chinese investment banks.”

En que año llegaron los asiáticos a américa

El Quatri partitu en cosmographia pratica i por otro nombre llamado Espejo de navegantes de Alonso de Chaves (n. ca. 1492 – m. ca. 1586) es un tratado español de navegación considerado un texto excepcional porque, por primera vez, recoge todos los conocimientos teóricos y prácticos necesarios para la instrucción de los nuevos pilotos nombrados por la Casa de Contratación de Sevilla (1503-1790). La Casa era la institución encargada de evaluar la aptitud de los candidatos para el cargo de piloto mayor, imprescindible para navegar hacia el Nuevo Mundo. Tras un periodo de discusión interna, la Casa de Contratación se pronunció por enseñar con un nuevo punto de vista, abandonando la preeminencia de los conocimientos prácticos basados en la experiencia de los marineros por un enfoque más científico en el desarrollo de las herramientas de navegación (es decir, cartas e instrumentos náuticos). Quatri partitu en cosmographia pratica es la expresión de ese cambio, a medio camino entre la tradición medieval y el nuevo período que se abre a la ciencia de la astronomía y la cartografía en la Era de los Descubrimientos.

Chinese immigration to the United States

The 16th century scientific discovery that allowed travel from Asia to America across the Pacific Ocean, known as the voyage of discovery, made possible the trade of goods and the exchange of knowledge between East and West.

The 16th century scientific discovery that enabled the voyage from Asia to America across the Pacific Ocean, known as the voyage of discovery, made possible the trade of goods and the exchange of knowledge between East and West by connecting America and Europe with China, and was the beginning of globalization.

More is known about the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America, but little has been explored about the figure of Friar Urdaneta, since thanks to the discovery of the maritime route, the first Hispanics settled in the Philippines and began their attempts to access the great Kingdom of China, said Dr. Mayer in an interview.

On the other hand, thanks to the exchanges of the Nao de China, Mexico City became a cosmopolitan center, since at the same time that merchandise and people of different nationalities circulated, including Chinese and Japanese, books and, therefore, knowledge also circulated, said Dr. Mayer.

How Asians came to America

It seems logical to say that Christopher Columbus discovered America, right? And indeed, that is the official version; however, there are several theories that indicate that Columbus was not the first man to discover our continent.

Despite the diversity of theories about this discovery, official history recognizes Christopher Columbus as the legitimate discoverer of the new continent in 1492, mainly because of the great usefulness of his voyages in the commercial sector of his time.

Thus, the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus has been so important, despite the fact that, evidently, many travelers, navigators and explorers sighted and populated the American continent long before his arrival.

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