Getting the Most out of a Bolivia Tour

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places to see in bolivia

If you are tourist, you want to go some place that is going to challenge the sensibilities, your way of life, give you a sense of meaning, and transform you into a new person. All of this happens when in Bolivia. Booking a Bolivia accommodation is only beneficial because there are so many that are so close to the attractions and tours you want to see. Bolivia is a country with pride. They take their culture and their responsibilities seriously. Within the borders of Bolivia, tourists will find plenty of tours that are perfect and soothing.

• La Paz – A tour here is a must. It is the capital of Bolivia, first and foremost, but it is also one of the most culturally diverse in all of Bolivia. In regards to that, tourists can see the Calle Sagarnaga. This is a main tourist street where there are shops and memorabilia that can be purchased. The locals also come out to greet you warmly. The Museo Costumbista Juan de Vargas is a great museum to attend. Complete with colonial paintings and impressive artistry, tourists can see the work of locals and legends alike.

• Madidi and the Jungle – This is a Bolivia tour unlike any other. Tourists will have the pleasure to hike through the jungle and see sights and sounds they have never seen before up close. With jaguar, bear, wolf, and condors residing in the area it will be a fun time. The Madidi National Park is so popular that thousands of tourists visit it each year. With wildlife, natural beauty, and waterfalls filling the park, you can’t go wrong.

• Santa Cruz – As metropolitan as Santa Cruz is there are plenty of things to like from an outdoor perspective. The Andes Mountain Range is one of them. For those who love history, there is a Jesuit Missions tour. Visit the beautiful churches and watch how towns took to religion, culture, and architecture. The El Fuerte de Samaipata is also a great tour. This ancient Incan ruin is truly a site to see.

Regardless of what one does in Bolivia, they will have a good time. Bolivia accommodations come in the form of luxury hotels to quaint hostels with tourists in mind. There are lots of activities for people of all ages so tourists can open up their options. Booking a trip to Bolivia will provide a new sense of adventure for tourists and they will remember the experience.

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