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Mission Ucayali 2022 – EU and Amazonia 2.0


The Commission has signed letters of intent with the airlines that are willing to offer special fares, as well as with the travel agencies and tour operators that will organize the vacation packages.

The accession of these countries and half a dozen airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa Group, TAP Portugal, Iberia, British Airways, as well as the tour operators that are part of the European association ETOA and the agencies that are members of ECTAA, make up the necessary ingredients to develop the program, which is still in its infancy.

This initiative is not an obstacle for the Union’s leaders to sign bilateral agreements with American countries to increase the movement of travelers in both directions. Thus, the Vice President of the European Commission and EU Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani, and Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara, signed a cooperation agreement during the Fitur fair to “develop tourism activity” between the two countries.

Agreement in the EU to implement covid certification

Consult how to make a claim in case of an incident with your baggage and the maximum time limits for submitting claims, established by the “Montreal Convention” to request the appropriate compensation.

Remember that you can check the requirements and documents required in the different states. You can also consult the travel recommendations, general or by country (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation).

To learn more about the Member States of the European Union and to obtain a detailed description of their history as well as the tourist offices of each one of them, do not hesitate to consult the page of the European Union Portal.

Except in the case you are flying between Schengen countries, upon arrival at the destination airport you will have to assess whether you need to declare goods in your luggage, and go through the airport Customs control.

At most airports, you will see boards indicating items that must be declared upon entry. Common examples are food, high-value electronic equipment, amounts of money above a certain limit, medicines…). In case of doubt, the best option is to check with Customs.

You can travel to these European countries in 2021

“I am pleased that my colleagues accepted the German proposal at the European level and that we were able to agree on these uniform standards,” Andreas Scheuer, minister for transport and digital infrastructure, told a European aviation conference.

It is unclear how much the proposal will differ from the Safety Directive (SD) issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which came into force on July 1.

The current guidelines also state that passengers should not be kept on board an aircraft without adequate ventilation for more than 30 minutes. However, the SD only requires aircraft to be cleaned and disinfected before and after all long-haul flights, and has operators conduct a “risk assessment” for shorter flights. But aircraft are still cleaned at least once every 24 hours.

How will the passport affect Latin American travelers?

When our relatives or friends from Latin America visit us in Germany, they have to meet certain requirements as tourists when entering the European Union. Sometimes they are rejected at the border and have to return to their country. Here are the most important requirements to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

In cases of temporary residence (up to 180 days), German authorities require drivers to present a valid national and international driver’s license. If you do not have an international license, foreign driver’s licenses not issued in the German language require an accompanying translation, which must be certified by a consular officer or by an internationally recognized “automobile club” or by an official authority of the issuing state.

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