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Bags, ready; airline tickets, ready; credit card, ready? Are you sure? If you are about to go abroad for business or pleasure you should be aware that most banks require you to notify them.

Today we will talk about an issue that some traveling cardholders have had to experience (by hook or by crook), and that many others continue to ignore: the foreign travel notice to banking institutions.

If you have not left the country for a long time and suddenly you travel and make a payment with your credit card abroad, it is possible that the issuing institution will block the plastic due to the abnormality of the situation; it makes some sense, don’t you think?

Some institutions no longer require this notice. Here is a list of the main banks in Mexico and what you should do regarding the use of your card abroad:

Cardholders of this bank will no longer need to notify the bank about their trips to use any of their plastics (credit and debit). However, we recommend you to keep your information updated for future clarifications (In Citibanamex and any other institution).

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If you are going to leave the country you must enable your Visa card to make purchases abroad. It is possible that you have already enabled it in a previous trip by phone, but the truth is that now you have to do it online and it is not easy for everyone, even some people do not have a password to enter the Visa Home online system.

As I live in Cordoba I don’t feel like calling long distance to BS AS thinking that I will be on the phone for a long time, but I called 011-4379-3400 and a machine answered me very quickly with the options.

If you want to try to do the web process or you have already tried and it did not work, then open the page with my step by step manual, you will see in the comments that many people succeeded with this instruction (to do it via Web in Visa Home).

AH! important, if you travel abroad to enable the credit card you must call during the week you are going to travel because if you call more than 10 days before departure, after wasting time they will tell you, you MUST CALL when there is one week or less to the departure date. I forgot this is what I thought was important to share with you.

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