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If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica on your own, take note of our tips and recommendations, the 15-day route we follow and the places to visit to organize your trip to Costa Rica on your own.

If you are going to visit Costa Rica you will be able to do adventure tourism and rest in the same trip, but do not expect to find skyscrapers or consumerist shopping, just green and nature, relax and back to basics, with very friendly people.

In fact, we traveled in June (green season), when it rains the most. But that didn’t really stop us from enjoying the route through Costa Rica, because it was a very unobtrusive rain, and since it wasn’t cold, we could do everything. Besides, if it’s so green, you have to give the rain a break to keep it that way for a long time, right?

For dinner we let ourselves be guided by the Lonely Planet. It talked about a nearby place, Soda Tapia. A kind of hamburger place where we ordered some “lapiceros” (giant sandwiches that we recommend only to share between two people). The guidebook also recommended their ice creams, but after putting between chest and back a “lapicerito” of those each, we had no more “hollow” to try more.

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I leave you a summary of the route we did but soon I will publish the detailed route, including the stops we made along the way, where we slept, hiking trails and recommendations of places to eat, you can’t miss it!

Day 12: Drive from Shoshone to Calico and visit of the “Calico Ghost Town”. Overnight in Barstow where you can visit the “Mother Road Museum” of Route 66 and eat at Peggy Sue’s, one of the best known restaurants along the route.

Day 13: Motorhome route from Calico to Los Angeles, quick shopping for some sportswear at an outlet outside Calico and visit (also quick) the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and from afar the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Too much stress to cross Los Angeles by motorhome. Night on Long Island, south of Los Angeles.Day 14: Day at the beach in Los Angeles.

Hallucinating with the starry sky of Monument Valley, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. (Although you can’t see it in the picture, I was wearing my Primark fleece pajama pants underneath, and was super warm).

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Chances are that if you have reached this post is because you have decided to travel through the American West and you are looking for a route along the West Coast of the United States that fits with the days you have on vacation. Very typical. That’s how I was at the beginning, not knowing very well where to start, where to end, where to go, what to see on the West Coast, how long it would take from one place to another… in short, a big mess that can be a headache for more than one if we also add that we want to see and do everything in a few days.

First of all, we must make it very clear that this trip is a “roadtrip”. We mean, you are going to do a lot of kilometers. More than half of the trip will be spent on the spectacular American highways, crossing incredible deserts, impressive forests, as well as gigantic scalextric 6 and 7 lane highways. America is a very big country. Gigantic. And the distances between places are therefore… VERY large. And what do I mean by this? Well, simply, the less days we have to assemble our itinerary through the West Coast of the United States, the longer some of the driving stages we will have to do will be. That’s a pine wood drawer.

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We arrived to Mountain View after 170 days, to get there we traveled always heading north about 25,100 km, after crossing the San Francisco bridge we started the return, being the northernmost point we reached on the way.

My idea and objective was to expose a series of personal theories based on my experiences in the internet sector to the directors of the great search engine, opinions and visions of the future of some of their products, maybe with such a trip I would call their attention and they would attend me.

I also wanted to thank them for the Adsense program that changed my life when I almost lost it due to an illness that left me with reduced mobility for a long time and see if I could win an internship or temporary job in the Sillicon Valley.

Every time I said I wanted to talk to one of the founders they laughed, as if I wasn’t serious, I bet for sure their founders would have welcomed me at least to say hello if they knew that a fan of their products had made such a trip.

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