Cheapest places to travel central america



The cheapest prices are departing from Madrid and returning to London, but for a little more you can depart and return from Madrid. All flights have a stopover in Mexico City and in general it is a long stopover…but with that price…you can’t ask for more!

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Best destinations in Central America

For many travelers around the world, Central America (excluding Mexico since it is part of North America) goes unnoticed when contemplating a destination for their next trip or only consider those places that the media has made popular, such as Panama City and its luxurious hotels or the resorts of Costa Rica and Belize, which provide a purely artificial and quite expensive experience.

In reality, if you want to live a real trip with a low budget but full of experiences of all kinds, Central America has everything you are looking for and in this post, I want to show you 10 of those destinations that will make you want to travel through this part of the American continent and in which with very little money, you can enjoy stunning places, delicious food, experiences that you could not even imagine, plus the warmth of its people and its natural and cultural richness. If you are looking for what to see and do in Central America you have surely found it.

Cheap countries to travel from Spain

Not only for its beauty and colorful streets, indisputable, but also for its colonial history, its day and night atmosphere, its security, very important, and its surroundings, such as the Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes.

Although geographically Mexico belongs to North America, many people place it in Central America (some even South America…), that’s why I wanted to include as an extra something special of this wonderful country: its cenotes!

I’m talking for example about the natural pools Semuc Champey and the Candelaria Caves in Guatemala, the beautiful Granada and the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, the spectacular Pulhapanzak Falls and the Yojoa Lake in Honduras or some of the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Rica.

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BangladeshThe least visited neighbor in South Asia by far is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel. Overshadowed by two tourism giants like India and Nepal, Bangladesh falls short of great attractions that catch the eye, which is why so few people dedicate part of their itinerary to it.The experience of traveling to Bangladesh is incomparable to any other, or at least that’s how it felt to me. Because there is so little tourism, any foreigner is a big novelty, and that instantly makes you a celebrity. From invitations to houses to groups of people chasing us to take pictures with me and my partner (or just to take a closer look at us), every day we spent in Bangladesh was an unforgettable anecdote.Cost-wise, traveling in Bangladesh is generally even cheaper than traveling in India. Only in accommodation, having much less variety for different budgets, you will have to calculate a little more.

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