Buy a car in america to travel

Requirements to buy a car in the United States


We made it all the way to Alaska, the United States or Canada and now we want to return to our country but …. What do we do with the car? The motorhome or the camper? How do we get back? Do we drive south again or send the vehicle by ship?

It is a matter of cost and time (after all, time is money) but clearly it is more economical to take a plane and send the vehicle back by ship since at least for Argentines selling the vehicle in those countries is neither feasible nor profitable.

2 – It is likely that you will have to return by the same way or at least a good part of the same route, that makes it less attractive. Besides, we were received in houses and hotels on the way out, how annoying it can be to “ask the same people again” for the return, although I am sure that people are happy with the new visit, but we should not abuse it either ha ha ha ha.

4 – Driving if you live in South America will make you have to cross again from Panama to Colombia and that adds something of u$s 2000 between vehicle and flights (it will depend on the amount of people, but that is the approximate cost in my case).

I want to buy a used car

We arrived to Mountain View after 170 days, to get there we traveled always northbound about 25,100 km, after crossing the San Francisco bridge we started the return, being that point further north that we reached on the way.

My idea and objective was to expose a series of personal theories based on my experiences in the internet sector to the directors of the great search engine, opinions and visions of the future of some of their products, maybe with such a trip I would call their attention and they would attend me.

I also wanted to thank them for the Adsense program that changed my life when I almost lost it due to an illness that left me with reduced mobility for a long time and see if I could win an internship or temporary job in the Sillicon Valley.

Every time I said I wanted to talk to one of the founders they laughed, as if I wasn’t serious, I bet for sure their founders would have welcomed me at least to say hello if they knew that a fan of their products had made such a trip.

Requirements to buy a car from a dealer

Car, car, car… No matter how we say it, the point is that many Spanish-speaking non-US residents want to buy a vehicle in Florida or another US state to travel around the country. It is not an easy thing to do. But we have done it and here we tell you all about it.

It seemed like an impossible task, considering that we had no idea about cars. But thanks to the help of our Couchsurfing friends, after dedicating several days exclusively to it, we are now ready to travel around the United States.

They say that Florida, especially Miami and surroundings, is a good place to buy a car, as the offer of used cars is huge, with infinite variety and the possibility of finding one at a good price.

To drive in the United States, as Europeans, we only need our European driving license and, in some states, we will be asked for an international driving license. It is also important to carry your passport with the corresponding stamp authorizing entry to the country.

How to cross a motorhome from america to europe

Do you know how to import American cars? Although, for Europeans, the exchange rate is not going through its best moment, bringing a 4×4 from the other side of the pond is still a business. You can save up to 30% by buying a vehicle in the United States.

With savings of up to 30%, importing American cars is an interesting option for those who are looking for an exclusive 4×4 and do not want to import a car from Germany. In the land of limitless possibilities, a Jeep Wrangler costs only 21,537 euros…. and new! That’s what it’s worth here, but used.

Or how about a fast and rugged Volkswagen Touareg at almost half the price in our country? An imported rugged family car is almost always 25% cheaper than if you buy it from a dealer.  The savings possibilities are by no means limited to American SUVs.

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