Best way to travel through central america

How to travel through Central America


1- Panama City (via Thibault Houspic): There is no doubt that the capital of Panama will leave you speechless with its impressive skyscrapers and vibrant pace of life. Besides touring the metropolis, be sure to visit the Casco Viejo, the ruins of Panama la Vieja, the Amador Causeway and the spectacular Panama Canal.

2- Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador (via Astrid Bautista): Located on the perimeters of the Santa Ana volcano, Lake Coatepeque has everything you need for ecotourism and water sports such as diving and water skiing. Its name means “Cerro de Culebras” in the Nahuatl language.

4- Granada, Nicaragua (via BORIS G): Located 45 minutes from Managua, Granada is the oldest city in all of Nicaragua (it was founded in 1524) and its main beauty lies in the colonial architecture of many of its buildings. Visitors use this city as a base to visit other tourist sites in the region.

5- Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (via Andrew Morrell): With its almost conical shape and more than 1,600 meters high, Arenal is considered by most travelers as an extraordinary spectacle of nature. It is in the nearby town of La Fortuna where you can appreciate this volcano in all its splendor.

Traveling by bus in Central America

Just a couple of weeks ago I had Andrea right next to me for 8 hours a day at the office. One day she got bitten by the travel bug -hmmm… maybe it was even my fault- and took off to Mexico with a friend to spend three unforgettable months traveling through Central America.

Waiting for someone to replace her, I’m still working and, by the way, the healthy envy is taking its toll at the end of the day. Since right now I could not -or could I? – get on a plane and do the same as she did, I am pleased to follow their journey, which we publish below.

They landed in Mexico in early March on a flight with a stopover in Atlanta and arrived in the huge capital of the country. They only visited for a day but with that they confirmed the traffic chaos, dust and enormity of the place they imagined.

After the capital they headed to Oaxaca where they spent a couple of nights. Apparently it is one of the favorite places for travelers visiting Mexico. It took them six hours to get there in a journey that enlivened the view with an endless walkway of cactus on the road.

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¡Muchas gracias Guada por el artículo tan completo y bien contado desde distintos puntos de vista y estilos de viaje, me llevo un montón de anotaciones extra en mi libreta de ruta! Saludos desde Paraguay

Central America Route

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Check out this article where we talked about the best travel apps. Here you will find translators, interactive maps and many tools to make your route through Central America a real pleasure. The more you plan, the less you will have to improvise once there.

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