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Central America Travel Itinerary


Just a couple of weeks ago I had Andrea right next to me for 8 hours a day at the office. One day she was bitten by the travel bug -hmmm… maybe it was even my fault- and she took off to Mexico with a friend to spend three unforgettable months traveling through Central America.

Waiting for someone to replace her, I’m still working and, by the way, the healthy envy is taking its toll at the end of the day. As right now I could not -or could I? – get on a plane and do the same as her, I take pleasure in following their journey, which we publish below.

They landed in Mexico in early March on a flight with a stopover in Atlanta and arrived in the huge capital of the country. They only visited for a day but with that they confirmed the traffic chaos, dust and enormity of the place they imagined.

After the capital they headed to Oaxaca where they spent a couple of nights. Apparently it is one of the favorite places for travelers visiting Mexico. It took them six hours to get there in a journey that enlivened the view with an endless walkway of cactus on the road.

Es peligroso viajar por Centroamérica

Guadalupe Araoz es una economista que decidió cambiar su vida. A los 30 años, en 2013, comenzó a viajar a tiempo completo como narradora. Principalmente en moto pero también en bicicleta y otros transportes, recorrió 4 continentes escribiendo para revistas y como influencer. Es autora del libro “Africaneando” y del blog de viajes

¡Muchas gracias Guada por el artículo tan completo y bien contado desde distintos puntos de vista y estilos de viaje, me llevo un montón de anotaciones extra en mi libreta de ruta! Saludos desde Paraguay

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Check out this article where we talked about the best travel apps. Here you will find translators, interactive maps and many tools to make your route through Central America a real pleasure. The more you plan, the less you will have to improvise once there.

Where to travel in Central America

Central America in terms of countries and tourist attractions is very varied. If you want to travel to Central America, you will find some important tips below. Whether you are thinking of traveling to Panama, traveling to Guatemala, or going to Central America for cheap tourism of any kind, these tips for tourists abroad will come in handy.

If this is your case and you want to go to many beaches, remember to bring a large towel, which weighs little and takes up little space. This way you will be able to sunbathe in peace and quiet. Also, since you have not taken too many beach clothes, take the opportunity to include your snorkeling equipment in your suitcase. A snorkel, goggles and fins will allow you to get to know the marine flora and fauna on those desert beaches where you cannot rent equipment from diving schools.

Another thing you can’t forget, regardless of whether or not you are going to do beach tourism, is sun protection. No matter how much you cover up, you will be in the sun. However, as you are going to need a lot of protection, it may not be worth bringing it from home with all the hassle of carrying liquids at the airport.  It will be better to buy it when you arrive. In any case, you will spend a lot of sunscreen there, so in case you have too much, the waste will not be significant.

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