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This is one of the most beautiful automobile routes in South America. This road runs through some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Chilean Patagonia. With more than 1,000 kilometers, linking the city of Puerto Montt with Villa O’Higgins, this road travels through the pristine landscapes of the end of the world, encountering beautiful villages and ancient glaciers.

Like Route 66 in the United States, Route 40 crosses Argentina from north to south, passing through incredibly beautiful areas of this country. Starting at Cabo Virgenes, the gateway to the Strait of Magellan, this road heads north until it reaches La Quiacá, a town near the Bolivian border.

Do you like nature and animal watching? This route is made for you. In the state of Matto Grosso, in the southwest of Brazil, you will find the Pantanal, one of the areas with the greatest variety of fauna in all of South America.

From the town of Poconé, you can take the Transpantaneira route (MT-060), a simple 145-kilometer road, where you can admire the swampy landscape and various types of animals in their natural state. Flocks of herons and egrets, capybaras, caimans, deer, among other animals.

Best route to travel through South America

We are lovers of car routes, that is so, and the truth is that I do not know how we had not done before a content like this compiling what are for us the best car routes in the world.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that if there is a type of trip that characterizes us are the routes by car. We have done them of all kinds and colors. And not only by car, also in caravan or camper.

What happens if your camera or your luggage is stolen? What happens if you get sick and have to do quarantine? What happens if you have to go to the hospital because of appendicitis or a sprained ankle? What if the airline loses your luggage and you are left without clothes? Who is going to pay for all this? I’m telling you: travel insurance

What are we going to tell you about this wonderful trip if it was our honeymoon? Route 66 is undoubtedly one of the best driving routes in the world. And be careful! We are not the only ones who say so. In any listing you look for, you will find it. In fact, some people call it ‘The ultimate road trip’.

Best route to cross the United States

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Check out this article where we talked about the best travel apps. Here you will find translators, interactive maps and many tools to make your route through Central America a real pleasure. The more you plan, the less you will have to improvise once there.

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Chances are that if you have reached this post it is because you have decided to travel through the American West and you are looking for a route through the West Coast of the United States that fits with the days you have on vacation. Very typical. That’s how I was at the beginning, not knowing very well where to start, where to end, where to go, what to see on the West Coast, how long it would take from one place to another… in short, a big mess that can be a headache for more than one if we add that we want to see and do everything in a few days.

First of all, we must make it very clear that this trip is a “roadtrip”. We mean, you are going to do a lot of kilometers. More than half of the trip will be spent on the spectacular American highways, crossing incredible deserts, impressive forests, as well as gigantic scalextric 6 and 7 lane highways. America is a very big country. Gigantic. And the distances between places are therefore… VERY large. And what do I mean by this? Well, simply, the less days we have to assemble our itinerary through the West Coast of the United States, the longer some of the driving stages we will have to do will be. That’s a pine wood drawer.

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