Best time to travel to colombia south america

Best time to travel to colombia san andrés


How is the climate in South America? The South of the American continent is crossed by Ecuador and the Tropic of Capricorn, some regions benefit from a tropical climate. … With the arrival of the hot season, rainfall has returned, the climate is more torrid with an average of 30 ° C and rainfall exceeding 100 mm per month.

Here are some examples of destinations to visit and where to go month by month : the Philippines in January, Thailand in February, Burma in March, Corsica in April, Athens in May, the American West in June, Indonesia in July, Quebec in August, Barcelona in September, Puglia in October, in Rajasthan …

So the summer is hot and dry and the winter long and cold. As a general rule, temperatures on the Es coast are harsher. … On the other hand, the summer climate in North America is extremely hot even in Canada.

America is a continent which has a great diversity of climates, we find temperate climates like the continental climate, the oceanic climate or the southern climate but also wet climates like the tropical equatorial climate without forgetting harsher climates like the arid climate, the dry climate, the …

When is high season in colombia 2022

july…while those in medellín claim that “it’s not hot and it’s great” with 28 degrees and occasional rains, which have not prevented us from doing anything, those in bogotá claim that it’s cold with the wonderful 18 degrees…

La Carbonera is a farm located between Salento and Ibagué (Tolima), in the basin of the Tochecito River. It is here, at an altitude of 2,730 m, where the largest concentration of wax palms in the world is found, these giant palms that have made the Cocora Valley famous. There are 600,000 of the 700,000 found throughout Colombia (and the world). Other areas where you can see these trees (there are 14 species of wax palms) are La Murilla, La Línea, Anaime, Pijao, Tenerife and Roncesvalle.

Unlike Cocora, where the palm trees are in danger of extinction due to cattle ranching (the cows eat the young shoots), in Tochecito the palm groves have been preserved from cattle ranching and chainsaws, because it was a territory where the FARC guerrillas operated (a bygone era).

Colombia in August

It all depends on the place you want to visit, for example, the capital, Bogota, is best to visit between January and February. Cartagena has a date between November and February, Medellin December and March, Providencia in January high season or September mid-season.

If you want a date to travel to Colombia, our advice is from late December to mid-January, at this time you will be delighted with many areas that are in celebration.

There are three months that Colombia receives more tourists. December, January and February, so you can choose one of these months to travel and visit the country of South America, however we stay with the month of December, as it is the month where absolutely all the national territory is dressed in celebration.

Low season for travel in colombia 2022

In Colombia “there are no half seasons” is not a saying, but a fact. There is only winter and summer, but there is never a cold comparable to what we are used to at home. The alternation is given, in addition to the hours of light and darkness, to a dry season and a rainy season.

Recommended period: July and August for the lower rainfall, but to avoid the high season a good compromise could be the month of December, where there are 8 days of rain but as many hours of light as in the summer months.

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