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Maybe you feel like disconnecting from everyday life, relaxing and doing nothing more than going to the beach and enjoying, as the Italians say, the ‘dolce far niente’, that is, the sweetness of doing nothing. Maybe you are one of those who can’t stand still and want to see as many places as possible: visit several cities, collect maps, photos and new streets, etc. Another option is the adventurer/backpacker (increasingly fashionable), which consists of going to a country/region of the so-called “exotic” and live all kinds of experiences based on improvisation.

If you know what trip you would like to do but you are still hesitating with the destination, from Plus Ultra we propose you one that is worth it: Chile. We recommend you the best dates to visit an area of the country as exciting as Patagonia.

Patagonia is a geographical region located in the southern part of South America and is divided into two regions: the Argentine Patagonia, located to the east; and the Chilean Patagonia, to the west. Its incredible landscapes are world famous and, for several decades now, one of the most sought after tourist destinations around the world. Approximately, the area of Patagonia extends over 1,060,631 km2.

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The high season is in the middle of summer, you can enjoy all the privileges that the Reserve offers to visitors, the reserve is receiving in this season the largest influx of tourists arriving to the South Rim.

Lodging is more expensive in the summer and lodging is cheaper in Tusayan, motels are available and in Williams, a 50 minute drive away at the junction of Route 40 and 64, you can find even cheaper lodging.

The North Rim is only open from mid-May to mid-October, this northern destination is visited by far fewer tourists, has fewer services and the views are not as spectacular as from the South Rim. You can make the North Rim – South Rim connection on foot, it has a distance of 38 kilometers and it is a route that should be well planned if you like adventure trekking.


During the European summer, between June and August, the weather conditions in Patagonia are extreme. Most treks require special equipment because of snow and ice, and it is necessary to be prepared to fight snow and hail in extreme cold.

In winter the possibility of not being able to leave our lodging due to adverse weather conditions is great. Sometimes we can stay 4 or 5 days waiting for the weather to improve without being able to leave the place.

During the winter in Patagonia, many of the shelters that are set up for lodging during the trekking days are closed due to the snow and cold, but for some it is the favorite season, with no visitors and snow-covered sunrises. There are even those who dare to say that it is the perfect time to trek the Torres del Paine.

The high season in Patagonia, and throughout Argentina and Chile, runs between the months of January and February, with supplements and more difficulty in finding accommodation and transportation. Everywhere there are many more people and the entrance fees to Natural Parks and National Parks are a bit more expensive.    The days are hot and at night it hardly goes below 0º.

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Choosing the best time to travel to the United States is quite complicated, since the country is very large. This brings with it not only climatic differences, but also different landscapes and geographies. From the snows of the north, to the tropical climate and tornadoes of the east, to the warmth of the west coast. Everything is possible in the USA.

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