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Travel routes through Latin America


The Pan-American Highway links Alaska to Chile – except for the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia – and is a classic overland travel route. My partner Coen and I have not driven the North and Central American sections, but what we can say about the South American part of this route is: it is paved, easy to drive and has many charms. In addition, it crosses many countries in a relatively short time, which gives you the opportunity to be exposed to a good variety of cultures and diverse landscapes.

Budget for traveling in South America by car

This route can take you from Chicago to Los Angeles and pass through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona; for this trip it is advisable to take about 10 days, and make stops at tourist sites such as Cadillac Ranch, The Painted Desert, Shea’s Gas Station Museum or the Santa Monica Pier.

An option to travel along the East Coast is to make the trip from New York to Florida, through the route called Atlantic Coast, and make stops in places like Atlantic City, Hatteras Island, Myrtle Beach, Savannah and Miami.

Also known as the Overseas Highway, this road passes through hundreds of islets south of the Florida peninsula. This 180-kilometer road trip is a very good option if you are in Miami.

Traveling in South America alone

How much? where? how? the TIME available is what mainly conditions the answers. As a whole or in parts, you will like America. 6 months sounds like a long time for a trip but in America it is little, everything is relative. The best thing, of course, is to have no limits.

On the road is also an option if you need it. Go ahead! Many young people leave Argentina with the clothes on their backs and there they go! We traveled with little and enjoyed it to the fullest (read on, we give you the figures).

Traveling is getting easier and easier and anyone can do it, in their own way. America is ready and waiting for you. It’s a good time to travel it. Roads have improved, there is good hotel infrastructure, a large Couchsurfing community in many countries, good buses. Technology has arrived everywhere and so have ATMs. For migratory purposes, traveling through America is not so complicated, there are few countries that require visas (at least with European passport, always check before) and in general they give 90 days of stay in each country (but not always, we count details country to country).

Travel through South America from Colombia

Now, to make a road trip through the United States there are several routes. However, in Experiencia Joven we have chosen 5 of the most interesting roads for you to have many memories full of adventure. Keep reading!

Route 66 is one of the most famous routes in the United States, if not the most iconic. In fact, it’s so important that it’s mentioned in movies like Almost Ghost, Thelma and Louise and Cars, or in series like Breaking Bad.

Fun fact Did you know that its name was chosen to generate more recall? At first it was called Route 62, but in the end it was popularized as Route 66. Today it is also known as The Main Street of America, or The Mother Road.

This road is also one of the most important roads along with Route 66. However, unlike the former, Route 61 starts in New Orleans (Louisiana) and ends in Wyoming (Minnesota), so your experience will be completely different.

One of the advantages of road trips in the United States is that many of the routes are long and full of interesting stops, which allows you to enjoy the trip. In the case of Highway 2, you will be able to connect the two coasts of the country.

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