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From the warm, jungle-like south, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, to the snowy forests of Alaska or Canada, North America represents a vast expanse with the greatest differences in ecosystems, landscapes and cultural, gastronomic and climatological offerings of the entire American continent. From east to west, thousands of kilometers separate its Atlantic and Pacific coasts, with some of the most important, cinematographic and iconic cities in the world, such as New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and California.

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When a few centuries ago the world was finally connected, travelers could not believe the splendor that opened before their eyes. Emulate those navigators by visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world and be amazed by the endless Mexican beauties. But, before traveling to this place, you should know that there are many Mexicos.

There is the pre-Hispanic Mexico that you will see in the most famous pyramids after the Egyptian ones. It contrasts well with the cosmopolitan Mexico, with several of the largest and most modern cities on the continent. Also with the colonial Mexico, in elegant cities of beautiful buildings. And the Magical Towns full of traditions, flavors and charm.

Let the sound of mariachis welcome you and drink a good mezcal, but that’s just the beginning. In Mexico you will eat the best dishes you have ever tasted, learn about its interesting history and listen to its many folkloric and modern rhythms.

The Mexican territory is immense and there are so many things to do that you will have to choose very well the route to follow, since the regional differences will leave you with very varied impressions. The best thing to do is to know everything!

Places in South America

Are you thinking of traveling to North America, but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, you will have an infinite number of places to visit. North America is not only known for having the best cultural experiences, but also for having areas of interest that tourists love. Take a good look at these locations and don’t miss any of them.

Without leaving Canada, specifically on the border with the United States, in Ontario, you can be part of a group of waterfalls of worldwide recognition, the Niagara Falls. Undoubtedly a spectacle not to be missed, since, in addition to presenting one of the richest ecosystems, it allows us to have an impressive visual experience, without leaving aside the recreational activities and visual spectacles at the falls.

If you have already finished your tour of the falls, then do not miss the opportunity to visit Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It has a large number of museums and Canadian history that will give you the opportunity to learn about the beginnings of such a beautiful country. Likewise, the capital has a harmonious enjoyment of nature and everyday life, presented in all its culture. Like the big cities, you can stroll through its parks, take a walk or go boating.

Tourist destinations in North America

The flag of the United States has been modified up to 26 times. The first version had only 13 stars, corresponding to the 13 original colonies.The Canadian cities of Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal always appear in the rankings of cities with the highest quality of life worldwide.The first printing press in the Americas was used in Mexico City in 1539.

These are the health considerations to take into account when traveling to North America:Canada: It is recommended to be vaccinated with the usual vaccines: rabies, hepatitis B and tetanus.United States: No special vaccines are required to visit the United States.Mexico: There are no mandatory vaccines to visit Mexico but vaccines against dengue, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and tetanus-diphtheria are recommended if you visit any of these areas: Chiapas, Guerrero, Michoacan, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Sinaloa and Tabasco.

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