Best places to travel in america

Marble cathedral


The world has wonderful destinations to visit. The American magazine ‘Time’ compiled 100 of the best, according to the recommendations of its correspondents and collaborators. Eight places are in Latin America (Read also: Buenaventura captivates with whales and spectacular nature).

The park has spaces that work with 100% clean and renewable energy. The adventure plans are the main activities to do.inside the park you can climb to the Douglas Tompkins viewpoint, through a trail of about 13 kilometers. Or if you prefer, go to the Chacabuco Valley to see condors and flamingos. (You may be interested in: New places in Medellín to discover in 2021).6. Puerto Escondido, MexicoThis is another Mexican destination recommended by ‘Time’. With the Pacific coast as a landscape, travelers have a guaranteed rest.

Eiffel Tower

The capital of Argentina is always a good idea to visit. With a variety of cultural activities, it attracts the attention of travelers from all over the world. For those who wish to learn more about its historical buildings, it is advisable to explore the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada and El Cabildo, and visit the most symbolic monument of the capital, the obelisk.

Gramado’s picturesque streets offer wonderful views. The city benefits from excellent hotels, restaurants and stores where you can buy handmade fabrics, chocolates and other typical local products. Avenida Borges de Medeiros, Avenida das Hortensias, the Matriz Church and the Palace of Festivals are the most popular places to visit.

In the northeastern region of Brazil there are places that are true postcards such as Ipojuca in Pernambuco. The municipality, which is located about 49 kilometers away from the capital Recife and is part of the Mata Atlântica stretch, receives thousands of visitors in search of beautiful beaches.

Pumalin National Park

South America is one of the areas of the world with the highest concentration of wonders among which we can find incredible archaeological remains, impressive natural wonders and such rich cultures that it is very difficult to resist.

South America, South America or South America (also called South America, South America, South America or Southern Continent) is the southern subcontinent of America, is crossed by the equatorial line at its northern end, thus being most of its territory within the southern hemisphere.

They say that behind all the wonders of nature there is one or more legends; and with the Salar de Uyuni could not be different: Tunupa, which is currently a volcano located near the Salar, was a beautiful woman, very appreciated by all and had many lovers. Finally, she ended up marrying one of them and had several children; but one day this couple had a fight. At that moment, the husband, without thinking too much, took his newborn son and left home never to return.

Tourist sites in Latin America

One of the pleasures that nourish the body, soul and spirit is definitely travel, which invites you to visit extraordinary places in the world. They are so rich in diversity of cultures, colors and of course flavors, that we do not know where to start.

Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or Punta del Este in Uruguay, are just some of these amazing places that you deserve to know. Traveling is an overwhelming passion in every building, landscape and place to know.

It represents a great challenge to know cities of this amazing continent, full of unparalleled modernist architecture and at the same time find yourself a few hours away with nature in its maximum splendor. You can’t ask for more when planning your pleasure trip.

A whole continent full of history, kindness, smiles, lakes, beaches, cities, magic, literature, dance and many other good things that give the perfect argument why travel to the diverse America.

Buenos Aires is considered the great cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, where you can find in the center, the emblematic Plaza de Mayo, surrounded by imposing buildings of the nineteenth century, including the Casa Rosada, the iconic presidential palace that has several balconies.

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