Best places to travel alone in america

Destinations to travel alone in Latin America


On the Pacific coast, if you want to avoid the large crowds of tourists in Puerto Vallarta, we recommend a very safe and pleasant place which is Yelapa. In Yelapa you will be able to connect with an exuberant nature: there are large rivers with waterfalls, nice beaches on the Pacific. It is also a perfect place for hiking, horseback riding and fishing activities. Another very safe destination for traveling alone in Mexico, despite being a northern state, is Baja California. Its arid landscapes will leave you speechless and the coastline is spectacular. One particular place in Baja California to travel alone is Cabo San Lucas.

In Mexico there are a number of towns that the government declares as “Magical Towns” for their importance to the country’s history and for their tangible and intangible heritage. There are 132 towns that are of enormous cultural interest to both national and international travelers.

Destinations to travel alone for the first time

Like any good traveler, I know my own country in depth and so far I have visited 29 of the 32 states or regions, here I recommend some of my favorite places in Mexico.Recommendations of places to visit in Mexico:

Argentina’s currency depreciation invites travelers to take the opportunity to get to know this amazing country that offers it all, including stunning natural landscapes, great food and very low prices. If you are planning to visit Argentina, look for domestic flights on airlines such as FlyBondi and JetSmart, which are low cost. If you don’t know it yet, I highly recommend this country, which is also very large, as well as booking in advance to get better prices and to set aside your internal flights to visit more places.

During my three-month route through South America in 2019, Brazil was one of my favorite destinations with the best beaches. Regarding cost, I found the main cities a bit more expensive compared to other places in the region. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and for sure you will be able to find options that fit your budget. I think you can visit Rio de Janeiro with a budget ranging from $20 USD per day, and something in the mid-$25 to $35 USD to cover lodging, meals and some activities such as museum visits, local events in the city or going out for drinks on the weekend.

Safe places to travel

You will develop your intuition, you will know how to think and act correctly at the right time, you will use your insight for any situation that comes your way and you will learn from yourself what you are capable of.

Avoid thinking that accommodation is only enjoyable if it is in a 5 star hotel. There are other options that will allow you to get to know your destination in a deeper way, and by being alone, you will be able to meet new people and cultures.

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Places to travel alone as a woman

Latin America has many destinations that are ideal for traveling alone, characterized by their tourist and cultural offerings, as well as the opportunity to meet new people. In this article we inform you which are the best countries for a vacation as a single.

If you want to know the most luxurious area of the city, visit Recoleta, a neighborhood full of buildings that seem to have come out of Paris. If you prefer the opposite, La Boca is the most colorful and popular area.

On the other hand, Mendoza is an ideal region for wine lovers, where you can visit wineries and do wine tastings. As for the province of Salta, one of the most popular activities is horseback riding through its spectacular landscapes.

The capital of Colombia, Bogota, is the right place for travelers interested in culture. This city has more than one hundred art galleries and museums. Among these is the Maloka Interactive Science and Technology Center, the most important of its kind in Latin America.

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