Best places in america to travel alone

Places to travel alone in Brazil


5. UruguayAnother country that doesn’t have such a cheap cost of living is Uruguay, but what’s expensive is beautiful! The capital, Montevideo, is full of amazing hostels for volunteering. Not to mention that Punta del Este, one of the most famous beaches in the country and in South America is also full of hostels to choose from.A month in this country is too short to get to know all the places, people and cute accents they have out there (and beware of falling in love with the gorgeous and conquering guys, eh!) and get used to the idea that you will become addicted to Uruguayan Mate.Before you travel to Uruguay, be sure to read about the 12 best places to visit in Uruguay.

Experiences like this serve to show you that many times our fears are so absurd that we can even miss the opportunity to make new and incredible friends and to know places where we could learn many things.Of course it is always good to be alert in these situations at the first moment, although the ideal is to trust your intuition, our senses are never wrong, although many times our survival instinct exaggerates a little.I hope you liked this list of cities to travel alone in South America!


If you are looking for safe destinations to embark on a solo adventure, we share with you the best destinations to travel alone around the world. All of them are perfect to have an adventure with all the guarantees.

We are going to focus on other countries that have ideal conditions to enjoy the experience. Both for safety for the traveler, as for health conditions, openness to tourism or even welcoming culture with us.

There are great routes in Europe to travel alone, such as Greece, Croatia or Italy, or any Central European country like Slovakia or Czech Republic. But I have preferred to highlight two totally different adventures but that you can’t miss.

And of course, it shares the same ingredients with its neighbor Scotland. Where you can live one of your best adventures traveling the roads of the Highlands and visit many of its islands taken from another planet, such as Mull, Skye, Rum or Arran.

America is a great continent full of secrets and impressive places. We would need many lives to know it in depth, but as an experience I propose these two destinations to travel alone (and perhaps the best in the world).


On the Pacific coast, if you want to avoid the large crowds of tourists in Puerto Vallarta, we recommend a very safe and pleasant place which is Yelapa. In Yelapa you will be able to connect with an exuberant nature: there are large rivers with waterfalls, nice beaches on the Pacific. It is also a perfect place for hiking, horseback riding and fishing activities. Another very safe destination for traveling alone in Mexico, despite being a northern state, is Baja California. Its arid landscapes will leave you speechless and the coastline is spectacular. One particular place in Baja California to travel alone is Cabo San Lucas.

In Mexico there are a number of towns that the government declares as “Magical Towns” for their importance to the country’s history and for their tangible and intangible heritage. There are 132 towns that are of enormous cultural interest to both national and international travelers.


You will develop your intuition, you will know how to think and act correctly at the right moment, you will use your insight for any situation that comes your way and you will learn from yourself what you are capable of.

Avoid thinking that accommodation is only enjoyable if it is in a 5 star hotel. There are other options that will allow you to get to know your destination in a deeper way, and by being alone, you will be able to meet new people and cultures.

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