Best cities to travel to in south america

Best places to visit in South America


If you want your trip to be a connection with the aboriginal ancestors, Cusco is the best option. Its architecture and temples are evidence of the pre-Columbian period of the country and the Quechua culture of the Andes, with only 20 or 25 dollars you can get lodging for one night in Cusco. As for food, the most economical and reliable option is the popular markets, where you can have breakfast and lunch with only 20 dollars. Therefore, it is advisable to visit between October and March which is less crowded. However, keep in mind that in this period the rains predominate in the region.7. Mendoza, Argentina

In Patagonia, you will enjoy beautiful views, national parks, glacial lakes, rivers and archipelagos. Although it is a region that can be considered very expensive to visit, there are hostels for only 12 dollars a night.camping (very popular among visitors in Patagonia) is also an option to save a lot of money and is a way to enjoy your trip in a different way.we recommend visiting Patagonia between October and December, in this period the temperatures are moderate and there are few tourists in the territory. Remember that during the winter it is a cold place with unpredictable weather, take precautions by wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear, discover the best parks and nature reserves in South America.  10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Welcome to one of the destinations to visit in South America, cheap tourist destination and currently among the favorite attractions in Colombia, where you will have the opportunity to see the starry sky and make wishes every time you see a shooting star pass by.

Its scenic details are perfect for photography lovers, its silence for those seeking a little disconnection, its sky for those who love to contemplate the immensity and perfect for those who want to camp or there are also options of inns and boutique hotels. It accommodates all tastes.

You will pass through Uramba, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero, places that will not only manifest themselves for their mystical, architectural and beautiful scenic legacy, but also for the variety of entertainment you will find, such as hiking, ATV rentals, gampling and ziplining.

It may be a bit far from the Chilean capital (780 km south of Santiago), but it is worth traveling by train to the city of Pucón to explore one of the best areas of the country: Araucanía. Pucon is surrounded by the Villarrica volcano, a magnificent tourist destination in South America, especially for lovers of extreme sports.

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5. UruguayAnother country that doesn’t have such a cheap cost of living is Uruguay, but what it has of expensive, it has of beautiful! The capital, Montevideo, is full of amazing hostels to volunteer in, not to mention that Punta del Este, one of the most famous beaches in the country and South America is also full of hostels to choose from. Not to mention that Punta del Este, one of the most famous beaches in the country and in South America is also full of hostels to choose from.A month in this country is too short to get to know all the places, people and cute accents they have out there (and beware of falling in love with the gorgeous and conquering guys, eh!) and get used to the idea that you will become addicted to Uruguayan Mate.Before you travel to Uruguay, be sure to read about the 12 best places to visit in Uruguay.

Experiences like this serve to show you that many times our fears are so absurd that we can even miss the opportunity to make new and incredible friends and to know places where we could learn many things.Of course it is always good to be alert in these situations at the first moment, although the ideal is to trust your intuition, our senses are never wrong, although many times our survival instinct exaggerates a little.I hope you liked this list of cities to travel alone in South America!

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Latin America is a huge and very rich continent of beautiful places, colonial cities, tropical cities, but there are some that are really unmissable. But there are some that are really unmissable. Do you agree with our selection?

For many, it is the cultural capital of the region and one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Its theaters, 24-hour bookstores, concert halls, tango salons and underground scene make Buenos Aires one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the southern hemisphere. Do not miss the mythical neighborhood of San Telmo and the most touristic part, known as La Boca.

Located 120 kilometers from Santiago, it is a beautiful port city, known for its colorful houses and steep hillsides. Valparaíso has undergone a thorough restoration process and today many of its historic buildings house fashionable restaurants, hotels and stores. Of particular note is the museum that exhibits items by the famous poet Pablo Neruda.

This wonderful colonial city, located in the State of Pernambuco, is famous for its numerous art galleries, its rich craftsmanship and its incredible and little-known carnival, where the soundtrack is the frevo. It is also called the city of religion, because it is full of baroque churches and beautiful bell towers. Its historic center is very picturesque. In addition, the city is close to fantastic beaches such as Porto Galinhas.

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