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On July 8, 1497, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama set sail from Lisbon (Portugal) with four ships in search of a new route to the Indies, which is how the Asian continent was known at the time. Spices and other exotic products, which were very valuable in Europe at the time, came from there.

When the Eastern Roman Empire fell in 1453, the Ottoman Empire took control of the trade routes to the Indies: its empire extended throughout Turkey, North Africa, the Near East and part of the Middle East. All the expeditions that tried to reach Asia by crossing Europe and the Mediterranean ran into the Ottomans, who made them pay for part of their goods or did not let them pass.

At the same time, the navigator Bartolomé Díaz tried a sea route. At the beginning of 1488 he had already managed to reach the Cape of Good Hope but had to turn back because the crew rebelled and refused to continue the voyage. After several months of sailing, provisions were becoming scarce and they did not want to enter unknown waters without knowing when they would set foot on land again.

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The city of the sultansRead article A monopoly in dangerCalicut, in the current Indian state of Kerala, was one of the main points of the spice trade in India and was subject to the dominion of the zamorin, a title used by the rulers of the ancient feudal kingdom of Calicut, called Samutiri Manavikraman Raj. The Arab merchants established in Calicut, seeing their monopoly threatened, were hostile from the first moment with the Portuguese navigator and his crew. Vasco da Gama presented himself as the servant of a king who had the greatest wealth in the world, but, unfamiliar with local customs, he had no gifts to offer that were sufficiently valuable for a culture as sophisticated as that accustomed to dealing in gold, spices, pepper and calico cloth. The image above depicts Vasco da Gama delivering King Manuel’s letter to the zamorim of Calicut, in the present-day Indian region of Kerala.

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This was the Spice Route, which from the 7th century, thanks to Arab intermediaries, allowed the discovery of exotic products for European palates. In fact, it is often said that it was thanks to spices that India and Europe met, which gave way to a fruitful trade of all kinds.

The way from here was at first by ships crossing the Indian Ocean. Before reaching the ports of the Mediterranean, the route followed two paths: one that reached Damascus or Constantinople, through the Persian Gulf; and another crossing the Red Sea to reach Egypt by crossing the Nile. And then by ship, first to the Roman ports and then to Venice or Genoa.

However, after the Muslim invasion of Hindustan and the unification of the whole area with the arrival of the Mughal Empire, caravan routes were developed that partly replaced these sea routes and could travel overland more safely, which displaced the route by other centers of interest in Rajasthan.

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