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Traveling to europe by boat from uruguay


In a country with a historical tradition strongly linked to the figure of the immigrant, if we talk about traveling to Europe by ship, it is difficult not to think of the thousands and thousands of people who came to Argentina from different parts of the continent, mainly from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

Likewise, the fact of traveling to Europe by ship may seem somewhat anachronistic if you think about how incorporated in society is the fact of moving around the world by airplane. However, today it is a practice that is still used mainly in terms of tourism.

Traveling to europe by cargo ship from buenos aires

Imagine crossing the ocean as you set course to destinations of great beauty’ During this magnificent sea voyage, take your time to relax and recharge your batteries surrounded by all the onboard entertainment you can find within a great floating city; exquisite gastronomy, spa and swimming pools and sports facilities. Enjoy a transatlantic cruise

These cruises usually have a duration of approximately fifteen days. With about six or seven days of navigation we will be able to enjoy the ship’s facilities, taste the freshest and highest quality food in the numerous restaurants, buffets and bars, where you will find a delicious variety. Do not miss the opportunity to get fit in the spa and modern sports and fitness facilities. You will find everything from simple interior cabins to luxurious suites.

Departures from numerous ports; Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Santos, Miami, New York ….. Many of the shipping companies offer us included in the price the return flight to our port of departure. The prestigious shipping company Cunard offers us a luxury cruise departing from Southampton. Costa Cruises, NCL, RRCC offer numerous tours.

How long does it take to get a ship from europe to america?

If you like sailing and want to experience a vacation on the water, chartering a private boat can be a good option, especially if you are traveling with a large group of people, as this is a premium service. Goolets is an agency specialized in chartering private boats and luxury yachts in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro and the Caribbean. A consultant helps you put together your itinerary and find a boat to suit your vacation. There are boats up to 40 meters in length and with up to 20 cabins, with crew on board and water activities included.

– The extra services you hire (already in itself, the passage includes the cabin, all meals and some drinks, but there are different bracelets that are paid per day and include a wider range of drinks).

Approximate prices: in 2017 we spoke to passengers who told us they paid $500 + gratuities (total per person for the entire trip) for a windowless stateroom. Now, from what I see on the web, prices start at €750/person for an outside stateroom with window (still cheaper than a plane ticket anyway).

Viaje en barco a europa desde argentina

CRUCEROS TRANSATLÁNTICOS A EUROPANuestros cruceros transatlánticos van a destinos europeos y americanos poco visitados, verdaderos tesoros escondidos que ofrecen mucho que hacer. Pero es el viaje lo que hace que los cruceros transatlánticos sean especiales, ya que se une a siglos de historia náutica y se familiariza con el mar. Contemple las estrellas o vea cómo se pone el sol en el horizonte; sentirá que tiene el océano para usted solo en nuestros barcos de tamaño perfecto. Relájese en el spa o participe en entretenimientos enriquecedores que profundizan su conocimiento de los lugares que visita. Haga un crucero transatlántico de ida y vuelta o vaya de un continente a otro y luego explore a su aire. Bienvenido al crucero de su vida.

Viaje al Nuevo MundoCanalice el explorador que lleva dentro en una inolvidable travesía por los EE.UU. Navegue desde emocionantes ciudades portuarias europeas hasta la histórica Boston o la tropical Ft. Lauderdale. Disfrute de días llenos de aventura y relajación mientras el mar le lleva al Nuevo Mundo.

ver crucerosViaje al viejo continenteVuelva atrás en el tiempo mientras viaja desde el Nuevo Mundo al Viejo Continente en un crucero transatlántico desde Florida o Boston a Europa. Cruce el océano Atlántico hacia los escarpados paisajes del norte de Europa o para explorar las antiguas maravillas de Italia y España. Un sinfín de posibilidades.

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