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Day 3. Brisbane. Welcome at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland, is the third largest city in the country and is concentrated around the winding curves of the Brisbane River. At its heart is Queen Street, now a pedestrian street where the commercial area is located. The city is modern but also has splendid old sandstone buildings such as The City Hall, The Parliament House and the old Government House next to the Botanical Gardens. We walked along the South Bank, site of the 1988 World’s Fair. Today it is full of concert halls and a large park inside which has been built an artificial pool and a picnic area with barbecues. From this shore there is a magnificent panoramic view of the tall buildings of the city.

Today we enjoy a cruise on the waters around the Gold Coast located 80 km south of Brisbane. This area is known for its surfing beaches and for the whales that on their migratory journey, enter the bay to rest on their return trip to Antarctic waters.

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The most dynamic and cosmopolitan city of the island is Sydney, economic and social center more important than the official capital, Canberra. The city itself is a good place to practice water sports such as canoeing, yachting, kayaking or take a sunset stroll along the harbor. The first surfers as soon as you set foot in Australia, you will see them at Bondi Beach, one of the most famous recreational areas of the city. If you prefer fresh water, sail in a rowboat on the Kangaroo River or take a dip in its clean waters.

In the center of the huge country is Ayers Rock or Uluru, a sacred place of fundamental visit. The aborigines recommend tourists not to climb it out of respect for their culture, which is difficult because the view and the rock are spectacular, and it is adapted for easy climbing. You can always admire its majesty and reddish color from below, especially at sunset.

The Australian Aboriginal tradition, tries to subsist in their legends like those of the western warlpiris, who believe that the souls are sheltered in the trees and wait for a suitable woman to pass by to jump to her and be born.

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The most recommended option is to arrive in Australia from the north (Darwin) and return from Sydney. This saves you an internal flight that is as expensive as a flight to a European country. Our recommended routes are set up like this, but if you already have round-trip flights from Sydney for example, you can easily adapt it.

In the Detailed Route for Travel to Australia (Jun-Sep) or for travel from October to May we will also explain how to get from the airport or station to the hotel. In most of them there are buses that work perfectly and we will tell you where to take them and their price. And when it is best to take a cab, we will give you the indicative price so you won’t be taken for a ride!

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Travel to Australia, the largest nation in the oceanic continent, opens its arms for you to witness all its beauty, culture and biodiversity. With an area of 7,686,850 square kilometers and a coastline of 25760 km, is adorned with the largest coral reef in the world and is considered the driest inhabited country in the world; however presenting a diversity of ecosystems that today make it an excellent place to explore.

As mentioned before, Australia is a country located within the continent of Oceania, which is concentrated in the form of an island surrounded by the Antarctic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Approximately 80% of its territory is desert and the rest of the territory is home to forests, rainforests, grasslands and mangrove ecosystems.  As for its physical geography, the southern country has the lowest elevation areas in the world, being Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in the continental terrain and Mawson Peak, an island that although it belongs to Australia, it is very far away.

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