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South Africa, a safari destination par excellence and nature at its purest. Traveling to South Africa will give you an amazing experience with beautiful landscapes and wildlife up close. It has the best parks for a safari and surprise you with its animals of all kinds.

Beyond being an exotic destination with its fauna and flora, you will appreciate a fascinating culture. It is very interesting to walk through its streets, communities and tourist attractions, because although many think that it is only African jungle, you will appreciate a lot of corners of absolute beauty.

As it is a fairly large territory it is good to have a plan or travel itinerary, which in 15 days will be enough to go to the must-see and emblematic sites of South Africa. If you are interested and excited to embark on this adventure, we have prepared a tour with the best places to visit in South Africa, so let’s get started!

Among the things to see in South Africa in 15 days there are several that are a must. Of course, you can’t miss a safari in the Kruger Park, visit Cape Town and Johannesburg, the most populated city.

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Of course, you must have your passport in force before traveling to South Africa, a document that must meet these two requirements: It must have an expiration date of at least 30 days after the date of departure from the country and have 2 blank pages.

Malaria treatment is advisable if you are going to visit risk areas, located in the northeast of the country, such as the Kruger Park. In the big cities there is no risk of being bitten by the mosquito that transmits the disease.

Being located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons in South Africa are the opposite of those in Europe. Winter in South Africa, which runs from June to September, is dry and not too cold. This is the best time to enjoy the wildlife. The vegetation is less lush and the animals concentrate on the rivers to drink. In addition, the southern whale begins to reach the coast. It is also a good season for outdoor activities and sports.

The South African spring is from September to November. Temperatures rise during the day. It is a season that allows us to see beautiful landscapes full of flowers, such as those of the West Coast National Park, about 90 kilometers from Cape Town.

Durban south africa dangerous

Some travelers are a little afraid to travel to South Africa, but I must say that it runs along a path of total tranquility. You should only be careful to avoid walking and without knowledge Johannesburg, as it is true that this city is dangerous to travel freely, outside the neighborhood of Sandton, where we offer accommodation.

As for the rest of South Africa I have to say that it is a quiet country with contrasts like you will not see in the rest of Africa. On the one hand the South Africa of the whites, the cities, which are fully western and have a high standard of living and on the other the one that is more rural and that is actually where the rest of the population lives with less means. In any case, you can move around with peace of mind and with the precautions of any tourist.

Our summer, between June and September, corresponds to its winter, it is a fairly dry season that allows you to see the animals better as the landscape is more bare, but it also means cooler temperatures and that is noticeable when you get up early to go on safari. In addition there is less national tourism and this always translates into a better experience.

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Where it is located on the map – As its name indicates, it is located in the south of Africa. From its northern border, it is bounded from west to east by the following countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The oceans surrounding the country are the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The southernmost point of Africa is called Cape Agulhas (Cape Agulhas), where both oceans meet.

Capital and main cities – Interestingly, South Africa has 3 capitals. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is the legislative capital and Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. As for its main cities, they are: Johannesburg (5 905 552 inhabitants), Cape Town (4 713 576 inhabitants), Pretoria (3 862 352 inhabitants), Durban (3 793 580 inhabitants), Port Elizabeth (967 677 inhabitants), Bloemfontein (463 064 inhabitants), Nelspruit (110 159 inhabitants) and Kimberley (225 160 inhabitants).

Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela’s role in South Africa was fundamental. He was president of the country from 1994 to 1999 and transformed South Africa completely. He made South Africa a multicultural country, full of color. He was the father of the Rainbow Nation. For all his achievements and dedication to the peaceful union of the country and acceptance of all races, he became an example to the whole world. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

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