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It’s incredible just to think of waking up in one of your private camp suites – and set up exclusively for you – and seeing firsthand a savannah teeming with wildlife and striking wild animals roaming freely across the African plains.

At the temple of Botswana’s luxury safari attractions, you will stay in exclusive camps isolated from the crowds and with total privacy and security. Where the sunrise will overflow with exceptional wildlife and first-hand sightings – while sipping a rich cup of tea – to the paradise of elephants delicately strolling along the banks of the Okavango Delta. This destination, along with Namibia safaris and its 22,000 square kilometers of vast salt flats, forests and the largest population of the black rhinoceros, form the perfect oasis for the scenic desert safari to Africa.

Whether its tropical islands, grandiose savannahs or exotic wilderness jungles, each more symbolic than the next, they are superbly suited to enjoy an exclusive and authentic luxury safari in Africa. With itineraries, accommodations, activities and destinations characteristic of a truly Afro-tropical life, they will capture your five senses instantly.

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Traveling to Africa is always a discovery. The neighboring continent has the ability to transform us in the deepest part of our being. The way of seeing life, the immensity of the landscapes, the harmony with nature… we have much more to learn than we think.

On the trips to Africa that we have selected, a completely transforming experience awaits you. Not only will you see lions, elephants and leopards, but you will also learn about a more sustainable way of living in local communities.

From top accommodations such as the Arusha Cofee Lodge, it is possible not only to go on safaris in the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Area but also to learn about coffee cultivation or visit tribes who maintain their nomadic way of life with pastoralism.

Tanzania also stands out for having a beautiful island, Zanzibar, which is a luxurious finishing touch to a safari with a private beach. A union of adventure and relaxation with first-class resorts in an Indian paradise.

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Kenya SafarisInmense, rich and ethnic. Kenya is one of the favorite destinations for safari lovers. And it is easy to explain it, imagine an infinite landscape of wild savannah, its animal nature sometimes hidden by the great shadow of Kilimanjaro; keep imagining a world where pink flamingos float across its lakes, that place that shelters endangered species, proud peoples who never tire of telling their ancestral stories and fight against the modern world not to lose their authenticity Do you want to keep imagining? Better come to Kenya.

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Which park should you visit for safari? Undoubtedly, Kruger National Park is one of the best natural reserves in the world for safaris. The great diversity of animals in Kruger is one of its main attractions. Here you will have a good chance of encountering any of your favorite animals. The hotels in the area offer excellent options and you can find competitive prices. If this is your first time on safari, South Africa is one of the best options.

What are the best safari reserves in Kenya? This is one of the great advantages of Kenya. The great variety of natural reserves and the diversity of landscapes. You could take advantage of your trip to visit a few of them. Some of them are:

What are the best reserves for safaris in Tanzania? Although there are dozens of parks and nature reserves in Tanzania, there are 3 that you should definitely visit: Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti. These are 3 of the best game reserves in the world. Going down to the Ngorongoro crater and encountering its great diversity of animals is a surreal moment. The Serengeti is that reserve where everything can happen in front of your eyes, the biodiversity of this place gives the visitor a visual spectacle of animal life. Tarangire is excellent if you are looking to interact with the animals away from the tourist hustle and bustle. If you go to Tanzania, don’t forget to take a trip to the beaches of Zanzibar.

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