Where in africa is safe to travel

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Africa has been a continent burdened for decades by violence, underdevelopment and poverty. However, six decades after most of the continent began to be decolonized, several countries have begun to develop a thriving middle class.

The structure of the South African economy is that of a developed country, with a preeminence of the service sector, which is unusual in Africa. It stands out for its vast natural resources and has been considered one of the great emerging economies of the planet since the beginning of the 21st century, although its economy has suffered a significant slowdown since 2013.

This has allowed it to develop its economy, strongly supported by its oil and gas reserves. This dependence is precisely the great challenge to be solved by Algeria and which cost it an economic crisis in 2016, when the price of oil reached minimums across the planet. Thus, Algeria enters the list of the most developed countries in Africa.

The great asset of the Nigerian economy is its population of 188 million inhabitants, which, moreover, is growing at a very high rate. It also has significant natural resources, including oil, and its economy has managed to reach even greater size than South Africa’s. It accounts for 35% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP. It accounts for 35% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP.

Where to vacation in Africa

It is located off the coast of Senegal and is composed of a group of islands. You can enjoy volcanoes, turtles and beaches in total tranquility, horseback riding on the beach or visit the islands of Santa Monica or Salt.

You can travel by car and discover its colors, smells and flavors. Visit cities like Marrakech and admire the Kutubia Mosque or the Bahia Palace. If you want to know the deep Morocco, go to the valleys of Ourika or Ouarzazate. You cannot miss the Erg Chegaga desert and the stars when the sky is clear.

Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa and stands out for its desert dunes and savannah. Some must-see places are the Etosha National Park, Cape Cross, the Skeleton Coast, the Namib Desert or Swakopmund.

It is located next to Namibia and also stands out as one of the safest countries in Africa. Its main tourist attraction is the Okavango Delta, where you can see lions, hippos, elephants and antelopes.

Cheapest countries to travel in Africa

I spent 3 weeks backpacking in Mauritania and while it is true that some very remote areas can potentially present some security issues, most of Mauritania is completely safe and suitable for independent travel and from my experience I can only say positive things.

I am aware that what I experienced does not necessarily reflect reality, but this article is not just about my trip, it is a comprehensive analysis of the security situation that demonstrates why I firmly believe Mauritania is a safe destination to travel to.

Before I tell you about my trip to Mauritania, you should know that I toured the country as a backpacker on my own, without a guide. I traveled by local transport through the sand dunes, hitchhiked a few times and also rode the Iron Train.

In addition to endless invitations randomly down the street for tea, I was also invited to 3 different houses, twice for tea and once for lunch. On many occasions, to get from one Saharan city to another, you have to arrange a local pick-up in advance, and throughout the trip, the people I encountered on the streets were always friendly enough to help me organize such a trip. In fact, Mauritania is one of those countries where local interactions are one of the highlights.

Cheap beaches in Africa

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