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Kruger Park is the top destination for all those who want to go on safari in South Africa. Not only is it the largest National Park in the country, but it is also the place in Southern Africa where it is easiest to see the Big Five.

At this time the maximum temperature is milder, with minimum temperatures below 10 degrees, so we will have to wear something warm. Likewise, rainfall is practically non-existent.

Going to the desert is always an amazing experience. These desolate landscapes not only allow us to see leopards, cheetahs or lions in their natural habitat, but the environment itself makes the trip worthwhile.

Therefore, if we have availability to do the safari from October to March, this Park can be a better option than the Kruger or Addo if we do not want to get too much rain (although we can not see the big five).

Of course, whether we go in summer or winter, we must remember to bring plenty of sunscreen, as the sun hits hard in the desert. Well in Kgalagadi or in any other park, because I got sunburned in Kruger in the middle of winter. Don’t get overconfident because of the cold.

Best time for safari in South Africa

Although the weather and wildlife varies from season to season there is one thing that is guaranteed, and that is that you will return home having had a great experience, enjoyed seeing animals and admiring the most incredible nature, whatever the season.

If what you want on your trip to South Africa is to see newborn animals, your chances are good from late November to early December, when the national parks are teeming with baby animals.

Spring is also the peak season for whale watching in Cape Town. From June to November, the great whales head to South Africa’s long stretch of coastline to breed, making them easy to spot.

Seasons of the year in South Africa

If you are thinking of traveling to South Africa, I offer you our complete guide with which we hope your preparations will be even easier. Linked to this complete guide to travel to South Africa you can find all the posts, day by day, of our trip to the African country. If you want to know what to do, where to sleep, what to see in the cities, how to see the animals on safari or what alternative places to visit nearby.

What questions are you asking yourself about South Africa before buying your flight? Take a look at the following post because we may answer many of the questions that are going through your head. Safety, climate, transportation…

If what you want is to do city sightseeing or maybe you only have a few days to spend in South Africa, you might be more interested in this mini travel guide to Cape Town in the guide to travel to South Africa. The essentials to see Cape Town with all the information you need to explore the city at the click of a button.

Breakfast was included but the hotel did not have a cafeteria. They gave you a choice of a few places to go and enjoy their fabulous breakfasts – a real treat! Cape Town may be the city in the world where I have had the best breakfast in my life.

When it is autumn in South Africa

Geographical location Table of contents1. Geographical location2. Climate in South Africa3. Best time to travel to South Africa: Summary4. When to go to South Africa5. Perfect travel time for the regions6. South Africa Climate Charts7. South Africa climate chart7.1 Cape Town climate chart7.2 Pretoria climate chart7.3 Durban climate chart7.4 Port Elizabeth climate chart7.5 Compare the climate of the regions8. Places of interest9. Popular activities9.1 Other attractions10. Current weather and forecast11. Important regions and cities12. Experiences of our visitors13. Share your experiences and win

Three cities share the status of “capital” of South Africa: the seat of government is in Pretoria (executive), the parliament in Cape Town (legislative) and the High Court (judicial) in Bloemfontein.

Most of the coastal regions and also the larger cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria in the interior record around 20 °C during the day and around 10 °C at night in winter. In the Cape region and the Boland around Cape Town is the rainy season in winter, with fairly cool weather and regular drizzle.

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