When to travel to africa for safari

Best months to travel to Africa


Animal migration in Tanzania is circular. They move clockwise from the Serengeti Park in northern Tanzania to the Masai Mara Reserve in southern Kenya, returning again to the Serengeti. The exact timing depends on the onset of the rains and other factors.

If we take into account that wildlife viewing is the main objective of a trip to Tanzania, coinciding with the large herds of herbivores is essential to know what is the best time to travel to Tanzania.

Between June and July, arriving in the Serengeti corridor, the migration is divided into two: one that goes directly north to enter the Grumeti and Lobo areas; and another group goes to the great rivers of the west (Mara, Grumeti and its tributaries).

We propose an active trip to Tanzania, with different walks in natural landscapes, which will contrast with the stages in vehicle. In the Serengeti the savannah reaches its maximum expression and the horizon appears unreachable. We will explore it on the crossing to Seronera and during two full days of safari.

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Africa has hundreds of national parks and countless animal reserves where you can discover its wildlife. Each of them has specific characteristics and in this article we wanted to highlight some of the most iconic and spectacular safari destinations that you can visit on your trip to Africa.

Kruger National Park is a must-see for anyone visiting South Africa. Its nearly 20,000 square kilometers are home to up to 145 species of mammals (including the coveted “Big Five”) and more than 1,500 species of birds.

Ngorongoro escapes, without a doubt, from any other place you can find in Africa. It is the largest intact volcanic crater on the planet and in its conservation area you will find nine volcanoes and great animal life.

This National Park is known for its walking safaris, which offer magical encounters with the local wildlife. Its trails will take you along the savannah and you will discover an unspoiled paradise of wildlife, including lions, elephants, giraffes and many more species.

Best time to go on safari in kenya

If you are wondering when to go on safari in Botswana, the best time is from April to October, coinciding with the dry season. At this time, which corresponds to the austral winter, there is practically no rain and the animals are easier to see.

Temperatures, being a subtropical zone, are quite stable, with little thermal oscillation between seasons. Even so, in spring, corresponding to the months of September, October and November, there are higher temperatures, usually exceeding 35 degrees Celsius maximum.

On the other hand, June and July are the coldest months, with highs of 26 degrees and lows of 12 degrees. A couple of degrees more in August and May, so they are also good options. Of course, keep in mind that I’m talking about averages, it can be hotter or colder one day.

This place is one of the essential when asking the question of when to go to Botswana. I already told you in the introduction that it is in the dry season when the phenomenon that has made the Okavango Delta is one of the places you have to see once in a lifetime occurs.

Safari tours to Africa

To have a spirit of adventure is an emotion that many times you can’t describe. It is only perceived by those who risk to be in direct contact with the immense universe full of surprises. For example, going on safari in Africa can be an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. An experience that brings with it the adventure of getting to know the beauty of the land.

When it is a group trip, as there are different interests, it is very important to make a good planning with the travel agency you hire in Africa. So that all the details are clear, and there are no doubts about it.

Avoid wearing garish, bright or garishly colored clothing. This type of clothing may cause wild animals to move away; or, on the contrary, they may want to attack the person who wears them.

However, there is another type of footwear known as “SAFARIS BOOTS”. These are comfortable boots that allow you to walk safely on your feet. However, to take advantage of the safari you do not need commercial brands. It is only important to enjoy the walk pleasantly.

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