What shots do i need to travel to south africa

Vaccines for travel to Africa from Argentina


Passengers coming from countries where yellow fever exists must be vaccinated. The vaccination is required at least 10 days prior to arrival in South Africa. The South African health authorities require that all passengers coming on a flight or making a stopover in a country where yellow fever exists (Argentina, Brazil) must be vaccinated. For further information, please consult the International Vaccination Center of the Hospital del Salvador.

Malaria is found in limited areas of South Africa, mainly the lowland areas (below 1,000 meters) of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. Cases of infection may occur in the North West and Northern Cape provinces, along the Molopo and Orange rivers. A map, produced by the South African Ministry of Health, which you will find below the link to this document, shows the malaria areas in the country. It is advisable to consult a physician for preventive treatment.

Vaccinations required for travel

Mandatory travel vaccinations are one of the most important preparations when planning a trip, especially when it is to a developing country. As Indiana Jones used to say: “adventurous yes, but vaccinated”, it is one thing to fight with the Nazi army and quite another to risk being bitten by a mosquito and catching a disease.

Before starting your trip you should go to your local International Vaccination Center. These centers are fully updated on the most necessary vaccinations for each destination. So you know, make an appointment, prepare your arm and be prepared to suffer a little bit with the injections.

Compulsory vaccinations are those that the Ministry of Health obliges you to get if the destination country requires it, otherwise the local authorities will not let you in. The three mandatory vaccinations for travel are:

The three most common sources of infection through which diseases are contracted are: drinking contaminated water, microorganisms in food or insect bites. But if you follow Mondo’s guidelines, you won’t have to use your travel insurance coverage.

Which vaccines are official for travel

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Due to its large number of ethnic groups, there are 11 official languages in South Africa. It is the country with the most official languages in the world. It also has many different religions practiced throughout the country.

A valid passport is required to enter the country for at least 30 days following the scheduled period of stay. In all cases a business or tourist visa is required and must be obtained from Mexico. There are no visa procedures at South African ports of entry.

Mexican consular services help resolve any problems travelers may encounter, including passport services. Once in South Africa, the contact information for the Mexican Embassy is:

If you have any questions about traveling to South Africa or about the vaccinations you need for travel, schedule an appointment with your local Passport Health travel medicine clinic. Call us at or book online now to protect yourself.

Requirements for travel to South Africa

Paraguayan citizens do not require a tourist visa (up to 90 days) to travel to South Africa.  The passport must be valid and have at least 2 blank pages for the immigration authority to record (entry and exit stamp). Its expiration date must be at least 30 days after the date of departure from the country.

South African authorities require that travelers coming from countries or areas affected by yellow fever must present the vaccination certificate in order to be accepted into South African territory.

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