What is the best month to travel to south africa

When it’s summer in South Africa


Although the weather and wildlife vary from season to season, one thing is guaranteed, and that is that you will return home having had a great experience, enjoyed seeing animals and admired the most amazing nature, whatever the season.

If what you want on your trip to South Africa is to see newborn animals, your chances are good from late November to early December, when the national parks are teeming with baby animals.

Spring is also the peak season for whale watching in Cape Town. From June to November, the great whales head to South Africa’s long stretch of coastline to breed, making them easy to spot.

When it is winter in South Africa

Each season has its own charm and many of the adventures we offer can be enjoyed at any time, so the choice is largely a matter of taste. We can’t decide for you, because “every taste is different” but “every color is different in South Africa”.

Perhaps the winter season is more conducive, when less vegetation makes it more difficult to go unnoticed in the undergrowth, but during the summer it is also easy to come face to face with the “Big Five”.

From mid-June to December it is possible to observe the impressive southern whales circling the South African coastline, and if you are looking for strong experiences it is best to enter the water from May to August for a cage dive with great white sharks.

When is the best time to travel to South Africa?

Kruger Park is the main destination for all those who want to go on safari in South Africa. Not only is it the largest National Park in the country, but it is also the place in Southern Africa where it is easiest to see the Big Five.

At this time the maximum temperature is milder, with minimum temperatures below 10 degrees, so we will have to wear something warm. Likewise, rainfall is practically non-existent.

Going to the desert is always an amazing experience. These desolate landscapes not only allow us to see leopards, cheetahs or lions in their natural habitat, but the environment itself makes the trip worthwhile.

Therefore, if we have availability to do the safari from October to March, this Park can be a better option than the Kruger or Addo if we do not want to get too much rain (although we can not see the big five).

Of course, whether we go in summer or winter, we must remember to bring plenty of sunscreen, as the sun hits hard in the desert. Well in Kgalagadi or in any other park, because I got sunburned in Kruger in the middle of winter. Don’t get overconfident because of the cold.

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There are many travelers who have been to South Africa and are eager to return to this wonderful country. In social networks and blogs you will find all kinds of testimonials that will surely give you the final push to visit southern Africa, but you can not be unaware and ignore some data. It is true that the crime rate in South African cities is high and that muggings, robberies and thefts sometimes happen. However, it is also true that the authorities are aware of this and that tourist areas are heavily guarded. In addition, a trip through the country does not only include big cities and all travelers agree that, outside of them, South Africa is a very quiet country.

Therefore, we can tell you that it is safe to travel to South Africa, but keeping some basic precautions that will make you enjoy your trip. Although traveling in the African country is not like traveling in Europe, do not become paranoid and be consistent.

Because we want you to love South Africa as much as we do, we want to give you some tips for you to plan your trip. Evaluate all the factors, visit areas where you feel comfortable and, above all, enjoy a country as great as this one.

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