Visiting Johannesburg An African Adventure In A Modern City

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Johannesburg Mountain

Plan travel to Johannesburg

The reputation that the city of Johannesburg in South Africa has received from the press is unjustly infamous. I won’t try and deny that on my first trip to the metropolis, I was more than a little afraid! But fortunately, my fears were groundless: it’s one of the most vibrant and unique cities I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Sure, taking out travel insurance when heading there, and being careful about walking around at night, is some of the best advice I could give you, but overall Jo’burg or Jozi, as the locals call it, is a wonderful destination.

Great Food And Night life

One wouldn’t think of Africa as a serious destination for food connoisseurs, but I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine love that seems to fill each and every plate of food laid down in front of me. I insisted to my hosts that I would not be content with the usual run-of-the-mill European food: I wanted something different. They knew the perfect place. If you ever are to find yourself in Johannesburg (which I strongly suggest you do), be sure to find your way to an area known as Parkview in its northern suburbs. Located close to the Johannesburg Zoo (famous for being one of the best in the world) is Zoo Lake where you will find a magnificent restaurant called, “Moyo’s”. Moyo’s specialises in providing African cuisine cooked as closely to how it is traditionally made as is possible. Not only is the food great, but while you are there, you get the chance to be serenaded by African singers while having, of all things, your face painted with beautiful and unique African tribal designs.

After you’ve filled up on the delights of Moyo’s, it’s a stones throw away from the suburb of Melville – an older part of Johannesburg with nightlife to suit anyone. From lovely coffee shops where one can enjoy a chat and absorb the good vibes in the air, to the more serious clubs, playing dance music until the early hours of the morning, you are bound to find something to excite your senses.

Friendly Locals

Johannesburg is a rich melting pot of cultures and people. The one thing they all have in common is their hospitality and genuine interest in learning about other cultures and countries. This makes for a pleasant feeling of being welcomed, as the locals welcome you into their groups asking questions and offering too much advice to follow in one trip.

Top 3 Places To Visit in Johannesburg

In my opinion, the essential places to visit when you are in Jo’burg are the South African Apartheid museum, Gold Reef City and The Rosebank Roof-Top Flea-market.

The South African Apartheid Museum gives one an insight into the terrible past which South Africa gallantly came striding out of with their heads held high. Apartheid was a systematic and deliberate system, practised by the previous National Party, which wanted to see all races kept completely separate from each other. It was out of this struggle that the famous icon, Nelson Mandela became known worldwide as a freedom fighter for justice and freedom.

The museum is conveniently located close to Gold Reef City, which is an attraction now famous for its many rides, but is actually a living museum to the legacy of the South African gold rush of the late 1800’s. Apart from embarking on the thrilling rides, an eager tourist can actually go down into the depths of a mine shaft and experience the world of a miner.

Lastly, the Rosebank Roof-Top Flea-market happens every Sunday at the Rosebank mall. This is the best place to find fascinating curios and genuine African products to bring back with you from any trip. Save this for last, as you will want to spend all your last pennies on gifts for friends and family.

Johannesburg Travel Pictures

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