Travelling to mozambique from south africa by car

South Africa vs mozambique


Click for more info and get a 5% discount. A crowd of people seemed to be walking aimlessly around the market. When I found the stop I was met with incredulous looks and puzzled smiles. I guess they were not used to white people crossing into Mozambique with them. I paid 130 ZAR (rands) for my ticket to Maputo and took a seat in the van. As is often the case in Africa, I would not leave until it was full.

Ronald made the trip – in unbearable heat and without air conditioning – much more pleasant. He was a salesman for a South African hotel group and was making the trip to Zimbabwe to see family. Before that, he would stop in Maputo to see a friend and have a good party. It seemed that Maputo’s reputation as a southern African party paradise was justified.

Streets of Maputo, my point of entry into MozambiqueThese types of services have no official stipulated stops so people tell the driver where they want to get off. Add to this the fact that many of the passengers were not going to the capital but lived in villages scattered on both sides of the road from the border to Maputo, and you have a mess.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Somali refugees in Ethiopia.

An extraordinary adventure, a trip that will make you come back with a heavy heart and a burning desire to return again and again. On this trip to Mozambique, you will be able to drive yourself in a 4×4 rental fully prepared for camping and spot the wild fauna in a totally captivating scenery.

Add to all this, 3 days in the Kruger NP in South Africa, one of the world’s largest wildlife reserves, a truly remarkable destination, where you can experience fantastic diversity: from changing landscapes and ecosystems to an impressive variety of animals, plants and birds, including the famous Big Five.

Extra activities you can do: Snorkeling or diving in the famous “Two Miles Reef”, sunset cruises, horseback riding, boat rides spotting wildlife, dolphin tours, night safaris, walking safaris…

Arrival in Johannesburg, one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Africa. The old city is a multicultural mix of traditional medicine stores, Chinese restaurants, cab ranks and ultra-modern skyscrapers and the numerous restaurants cater to all tastes. Upon arrival we will pick up our 4×4 and head towards White River, near Kruger NP, White River is a quiet and peaceful town formed by a large farming community. Overnight at a hotel on a PM basis, we will go out for dinner in one of the many restaurants.


Me and my girlfriend intend to travel to Johannesburg in May to spend three weeks in African lands, in which we would like to do part of northern South Africa and Mozambique, my questions would be the following:

The route is something so personal, it is better that you look around a bit, select what interests you the most and once you are more or less clear about what you want, tell us your intentions. But come on, Kruger is a must. From 4 days to enjoy it to the fullest.

Thank you very much for the information, I have been looking at things for the trip and the idea was to go through the Kruger, as you have advised me very well, and then head to the north of Mozambique that from what I have read is much more unspoiled area than the south.

Kruger and Mozambique are high risk areas for malaria (especially Moz), and going in May there is a little more risk than if you go in July-August. Whether to take it or not is up to each person, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry. The best is prophylaxis + repellents + long sleeves.


Are you considering crossing the border from South Africa to Mozambique? In this article we encourage you to do so and answer some of the questions that are surely going through your head. In our case, we drove through South Africa and Mozambique for 21 days, so imagine the adventure.

Mozambique is located in the southeast of the African continent, bordering Tanzania and Malawi to the north, and South Africa to the southwest. So it is a very valid option to enjoy its fantastic beaches and rest from your tour of South Africa.

To enter Mozambique from South Africa you can do it by land or by air. Normally, people who consider crossing from one country to another is because they are visiting the Kruger Park and the neighboring country is very close, or because they are in Swaziland and want to spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful Mozambique.

After 3 hours of negotiation with via telephone, we managed to get them to assume the difference in price between the 2000€ and the 115€ that we had signed, thanks to having a proof of the contract with the final price of the car.

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