Travelling to botswana from south africa by car

How to prevent an ELEPHANT from ATTACKING you?


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ALTA RUTA 4X4 – expedition to Africa 2013 2 of 4

Our Botswana self-drive tour has been the most adventurous and wildest trip of our whole life. Botswana has given us some of the most beautiful travel experiences we have ever had, as nature and wildlife lovers. At night herds of elephants have come to our plot while we were trying to sleep and hyenas have visited us while we were having dinner.

In Botswana the campsites are not fenced and every night is a spectacle. You don’t know what it is like to look out the window of your tent and find yourself face to face with the trunk of an elephant. It is a priceless sensation and we would give anything to experience it again!

The big question! I like to be honest and in this case not all that glitters is gold. Traveling Botswana on your own is a very tough trip. On the one hand, its roads are only suitable for daring drivers and the daily wear and tear that this entails is noticeable.  I had never driven so much in a car as I did in Botswana! And not only that, it is also a country that does not like free tourism too much, so the services offered to those who like to travel like this leaves much to be desired.

Travel to namibia on your own

After several long and pleasant conversations, we agreed on a travel program that met our requests and Dirk’s expert advice. The result, a wonderful trip and also one of the best experiences ever: the balloon flight at sunrise over the Namib. We will never forget it! Carolina and CarlosNamibia 2017

Africa has something that bewitches you, bewitches you. And what better than to know them from the hand of Africa Travel. In April 2016, Dirk prepared us a beautiful trip. 4 friends in 4×4 in Namibia. The best thing is that everything was controlled, but as we were going alone, we had the feeling of an adventure. We could not ask for more. The attention on arrival, the detail they had with us, they explained everything perfectly. I will be back soon.  Mª Cristina, Sonsoles, Beatriz and SusanaNamibia, April 2017

My generation grew up associating those landscapes with adventure and exoticism. Seeing it all at your fingertips so to speak has been a dazzling and exciting experience. AngelSouth Africa, October 2018

7 days on the most luxurious train in the world

Full day in this area of the Delta with 2 safari activities daily. During the rest time you will be able to continue observing the wildlife and birds that move in the habitat where the lodge is located.

The documentation of your trip will be sent to you by email to your personal address. You only have to print it to be able to travel. Tickets, vouchers, technical specifications/itinerary, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, invoice, package travel contract, etc… we can send it to you quickly, safely and comfortably.

These particular conditions of contracting will be applicable initially during the period that the WHO (World Health Organization) maintains the declaration of pandemic and will be applicable if there are restrictions for the trip:

If any one or more of these circumstances concur at the time travel is due to commence, the traveler will have the option to postpone their travel to a new chosen date, with a range of time to choose a new travel date of 12 months:

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