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Namibia is a country of unforgettable, hostile and wild beauty that is home to the oldest desert on the planet, the Namib. Its violent extremes and breathtaking open landscapes linger in the traveler’s memory.

In our opinion, one of the best ways to see just how spectacular the country of Namibia is is from the air – whether on a tailor-made safari, by light aircraft for several days, or simply on a scenic flight from one desert camp to another.

Of course, although one does not visit Namibia primarily for its wildlife, one cannot forget the safaris in the Etosha Salt Flats. Namibia is home to the elusive desert elephants and has a growing population of black and white rhino.

In Namibia you will find the most diverse accommodation options in Southern Africa. In the towns there are hotels, guesthouses and boutiques. In the vastness outside the towns you will find remote camps, lodges and farms. On any itinerary we suggest staying in a variety of places to make the trip more interesting. Staying on an owner-managed farm gives you the opportunity to see Namibia’s fascinating agriculture up close while the camps allow you to explore remote areas.

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From Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, the traveler will discover spectacular landscapes, the life of Nelson Mandela, large mammals and predators, a magnificent gastronomy as well as the most beautiful natural reserves, the secrets of Lake Kariba and the impressive Victoria Falls.

From Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, the traveler will discover spectacular scenery, the life of Nelson Mandela, large mammals and predators, superb cuisine as well as the most beautiful nature reserves, the secrets of Lake Kariba and the stunning Victoria Falls.

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Traveling to Namibia on my own has been an incredible trip.  Solitude, magic, nature, joy, anxiety, despair, tiredness, learning and so many thousands of other things that I can think of to define this adventure.  Doing it on your own is not difficult but it is true that it is not as comfortable as other countries, you need to plan it well and have a lot of desire to live the experience.  You need to feel that adrenaline that you can do it on your own (lose fears or prejudices) and that is not always easy.  That’s why I want to share a series of basic tips to help you travel on your own by car in Namibia.

If you are thinking of organizing a trip to Namibia you have probably already looked at it haha, but if I’m honest, at the beginning I was not very clear where to place this unknown country. “Namibia is in the south of Africa”, that’s all I knew haha and at the beginning I didn’t know what the capital of Namibia was! Did you know that Windhoek is the capital of Namibia? I don’t think I had heard that name before (well, I guess at school haha but I don’t remember it).

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Where it is located on the map – As its name suggests, it is located entirely in southern Africa. From its northern border, it is bounded from west to east by the following countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The oceans surrounding the country are the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The southernmost point of Africa is called Cape Agulhas (Cape Agulhas), where both oceans meet.

Capital and main cities – Interestingly, South Africa has 3 capitals. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is the legislative capital and Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. As for its main cities, they are: Johannesburg (5 905 552 inhabitants), Cape Town (4 713 576 inhabitants), Pretoria (3 862 352 inhabitants), Durban (3 793 580 inhabitants), Port Elizabeth (967 677 inhabitants), Bloemfontein (463 064 inhabitants), Nelspruit (110 159 inhabitants) and Kimberley (225 160 inhabitants).

Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela’s role in South Africa was fundamental. He was president of the country from 1994 to 1999 and transformed South Africa completely. He made South Africa a multicultural country, full of color. He was the father of the Rainbow Nation. For all his achievements and dedication to the peaceful union of the country and acceptance of all races, he became an example to the whole world. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

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